Pageant of power

A new opportunity for fans of motorsport and classic cars to experience an up-close-and-personal chance to enjoy their passion for automotive engineering will be at the Pageant of Power festival which be held on the weekend of August 9th and 10th at Cholmondeley Castle in south Cheshire.

A rare Daimler from 1897, racing classics from now defunct manufacturers such as Newton Bennett Tourer, Star and GN, as well as Le Mans, F1 and other examples of motoring dream machines such as the Harrods Maclaren a GT40 once owned by Jeremy Clarkson will be on show.

Stuart Graham, winner of TTs on two and four wheels, was among the group who laid out the new Cholmondeley track. He said: "The Cholmondeley course will be a demanding test for every driver. It’s narrow, bounded by natural obstacles – like big oak trees – and with lots of blind brows and adverse cambers."

Visitors will also get the chance to experience two-wheel excellence and inshore powerboat racing. Details can be found on website


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