Massa: ‘Stewards were right to punish Lewis’

Ferrari driver Felipe Massa has come out in support of race stewards’ decision to penalise title rival Lewis Hamilton for cutting a corner during the thrilling Belgian Grand Prix.

Hamilton passed race leader Kimi Raikkonen by missing the Bus Stop chicane with only two laps to go.

Following the rules, he handed the position back to the Finn but, contentiously in the eyes of race officials, he immediately passed him again going into the next corner.

The resulting 25-second penalty was enough to demote him from first to third on the podium and Massa, writing on his website, seems in no mood to protest about being elevated from second to first place.

"If Lewis had taken the chicane correctly, he would never have been able to pass Kimi on the very short straight that follows it," he said.

Perhaps the Brazilian driver, who is now only two points behind Hamilton with five races to go, can discuss the incident face to face with Hamilton before the Ferrari team’s home Italian Grand Prix this weekend.

Written by James Christie


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