Massa opposes cuts to drivers’ wages

Formula One ace Felipe Massa has expressed his opposition to the idea that he and his fellow drivers should take a pay cut to safeguard the future of the financially-troubled sport.

If he was in favour of reducing his wages it would be a bit like a turkey voting for Christmas and Massa clearly doesn’t want to alter the terms of his contract.

Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali recently praised Massa for the "beautiful way" he lost last season’s title race.

Perhaps he was trying to butter him up as it were comments Domenicali has just made to Autosprint which seemed to suggest teams might be conducting pay reviews regarding their star employees.

Speaking at a Unicef conference in Brazil, Massa said: "In a competitive sport like this, the driver plays a fundamental part, and the cost of the drivers are small compared to the total budget of the teams. The more people work to reduce costs, the better it is going to be for everybody."

Written by James Christie


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