Lewis: ‘I’m the same guy I was before I got to F1’

Lewis Hamilton has denied accusations that he’s arrogant and said: "I’m the same guy I was before I got to F1".

It is easy to forget that the 23-year-old only started his F1 career less than two years ago, so much of a fixture has he become on the world’s Grand Prix podiums.

Not everyone has welcomed him with open arms. Last season former team ‘mate’ Fernando Alonso greeted his arrival in the sport with open hostility, claiming that McLaren had unfairly elevated the Brit to the position of their favoured driver.

Hamilton told his website that he doesn’t think his team’s obvious confidence in him has led to him being arrogant. He said: "I would never say, ‘I’m better than you’ about the other drivers.

"I just think that all these guys are the best and to be the best I have to beat them."

He was also quick to deny the recent story quoting him as saying that he felt he was better now than Ayrton Senna, insisting that the Brazilian is his favourite driver of all time.


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