Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One victory: the conspiracy theories

There is continuing debate about the question of whether Lewis Hamilton received a helping hand from a rival driver in clinching the Formula One drivers’ championship in Brazil.

Going into the final lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix, Hamilton found himself in sixth place. With home favourite Felipe Massa leading the field the 23-year-old McLaren man needed to move up a position to win the title.

Timo Glock was the man he overtook to achieve glory with some cynical observers suggesting that the Toyota driver was a little too obliging in letting the Brit pass.

But Glock is having none of it, pointing out that his slow final lap time was the result of a decision to complete the race on dry tyres in wet conditions rather than risk losing time through a pit stop.

Glock was quoted in the Telegraph as saying: "I had no idea who was behind me. There was just too much rain for dry tyres and the guys on wets were passing me on both sides.

"I didn’t even see where Lewis overtook me."

The victorious Hamilton had a fairly dry evening to celebrate the biggest day of his career. He reportedly only sipped two glasses of champagne at the end-of-season party he attended with his beautiful pop star girlfriend.

Written by James Christie


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