Jackie Stewart: ‘Only two things can stop Lewis now’

Three-times world champion Sir Jackie Stewart has told the BBC that only two things can stop Lewis Hamilton clinching the drivers’ championship.

The first thing, according to Sir Jackie, is mechanical failure which can occur "no matter how careful you are as the machines have over 5,000 moving parts".

The second thing is "other people". The Scottish racing legend didn’t mention title rival Felipe Massa, old foe Fernando Alonso or any of the other drivers rumoured to be hoping that the title doesn’t fall into British hands.

Instead he concentrated on how Hamilton should focus on trying to qualify in pole position at the Brazilian Grand Prix and stressed how important the first lap and first corner will be if the 23-year-old is to "get away from all the traffic".

Stewart told the BBC: "The first corner of the Brazilian Grand Prix is probably the most notorious of any first corner of any Grand Prix."

When pressed on whether Hamilton could follow in his footsteps by becoming world champion this season, Stewart said: "Scots very seldom put bets on but if I was going to bet I would put money on Lewis Hamilton."

Written by James Christie


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