Hamilton told to concentrate on the road

Lewis Hamilton can help himself through his current plight by putting his grievances to the back of his mind and focussing on his driving, it has been claimed.

The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver has admitted that the pressures of driving in Formula One in his second season are challenging, and has been beset by a raft of problems on the track.

After a near flawless drive in Monaco, Hamilton failed to score points in each of his last two races after crashing in the pitlane in Canada and falling foul of the stewards in France.

Hamilton is also unhappy about his coverage in the British press, but Honda team boss Ross Brawn believes that the world championship hopeful would do well to ignore these distractions and concentrate on his performance on the circuit.

Brawn, who was Michael Schumacher’s mentor at a similar stage in his career, told the BBC: "The driving is the thing that will carry him through whatever else happens.

"He’s got to focus on his driving, concentrate on that, and everything else will take care of itself."

He added that the problems facing Hamilton were a direct result of him "being so talented".


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