Hamilton race row steward: ‘I was just doing my job’

One of the three stewards responsible for imposing the 25-second penalty that cost Lewis Hamilton victory in the Belgian Grand Prix has broken his silence on the matter.

Kenyan Surinder Thathi insisted that there was no sinister motive behind the punishment and that he and his fellow stewards believed there had been a clear breach of the rules.

Perhaps mindful of online petitions condemning the decision on the internet, Mr Thathi said: "There was no conspiracy against anybody, McLaren included.

"I know I am a very unpopular person in the United Kingdom now, but then I was doing my job and I know I acted professionally."

Many F1 fans and commentators now believe that stewards should be employed professionally to give more credence to decisions which attract such negative publicity.

McLaren has confirmed that it will appeal against the Belgian time penalty, though it risks a further penalty being imposed if its action is unsuccessful.

Written by James Christie


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