Hamilton: ‘Points win prizes’

Brit Formula One championship leader Lewis Hamilton has stressed that sometimes going for points – rather than all-out victories – wins prizes.

Speaking to his official website, the McLaren driver was in bullish mood despite managing only second place in last weekend’s Valencia Grand Prix.

The 23-year-old conceded that the Ferrari car of race winner Felipe Massa is "bloody quick" at the moment but highlighted the fact that his podium finish actually extended his championship lead.

He said: "Clearly, I want to win all the time, but I’ve learned that sometimes it’s more advantageous to score as many points as possible and live to fight another day.

"My aim is still to win the world championship and you don’t do that by ending up in the barriers after making an opportunistic move."

"I’m playing a long game."

It seems that he has similar long-term plans off the track.

Now magazine, which is taking much more of an interest in motor racing since Hamilton’s entry into the sport, has reported that the young sporting idol is looking for a luxury love nest to move into with his Pussycat Dolls girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger.


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