Hamilton: ‘Let’s make F1 more exciting’

Lewis Hamilton has given his blessing to moves to make F1 racing more exciting and admitted that it can get a bit dull at times.

He was quoted by crash.net website as saying: "We do need to be able to follow closely and do more overtaking, for sure, because it gets boring.

"Look at the last race in Valencia – there was no overtaking at all – so it can be a bit dull."

"Looking at the last race" seemed to be a chore for the majority of spectators.

A contributor to the BBC Radio Five live website message board wrote: "As soon as Massa and Hamilton got away, and Raikkonen got stuck yet again, you knew what the outcome of the race was after lap five. I switched off about three quarters of the way through."

The lack of overtaking possibilities meant that Felipe Massa, Lewis Hamilton and Robert Kubica all finished in the positions they qualified in without ever challenging one another.

But Hamilton will be hoping that no one overtakes him in the drivers’ championship race – an end of season triumph is by no means a foregone conclusion for him.


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