Hamilton ‘disappointed but not depressed’ about lost appeal

Lewis Hamilton is "disappointed but not depressed" after the FIA Court of Appeal ruled that his McLaren team’s appeal against the time penalty he received in the Belgian Grand Prix was inadmissible.

The time penalty, imposed after stewards decided he had gained an unfair advantage by cutting a corner at a chicane, cost him victory in the race and saw him demoted from first to third place.

It doesn’t seem that Hamilton’s day in court has given him an appetite for legal life. Reacting to the outcome, he commented: " All I want to do now is put this matter behind me and get on with what we drivers do best: racing each other."

But he was less calm when he was giving evidence in the courtroom on Monday as he was cross-examined by Ferrari’s lawyer, Nigel Tozzi QC.

At one stage, after being goaded by Tozzi, the championship leader said: "Are you a racing driver? No!"

The 23-year-old Brit will now swap his shirt, tie and suit for his more familiar racing garb to prepare for Formula One’s first-ever night-time race in Singapore.

Written by James Christie


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