Hamilton and Alonso happier apart

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton seem to be much happier now that they are not team mates at McLaren.

It was the two-time Spanish world champion, and not the rookie Brit driver, who moved on after a tense season of competing egos last year.

Now back at Renault, Alonso will take his place on the starting grid at this year’s Hungarian Grand Prix without too many fond memories of last year’s event.

That was when Hamilton allegedly refused to let Alonso pass in qualifying at Budapest, ignoring instructions to do so over the team radio.

The Spaniard might have exacted some measure of revenge by appearing to impede Hamilton in the pit lane to keep him from taking the pole position.

Alonso is currently ninth in F1’s title race, 45 points behind Hamilton, but said: "At least I am happy to be with Renault with the full support of the team, with everyone working night and day to give me the best car."

So how is Hamilton bearing up without his old sparring partner? He said: "We’re having a much smoother year, it’s much more relaxed as it should be. We don’t have any excess baggage on our shoulders."


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