Enjoy a British GT at Brands Hatch

After the thrills of Thruxton, the next round of the GT season moves to Brands Hatch on Saturday July 12th (qualifying) and Sunday July 13th (racing).

The drivers’ table shows the lead is shared between the Jon Barnes and James Gornall over Luke Hines and Jeremy Metcalfe in the GT3 class and between Matt Nichol-Jones and Stewart Linn over Fulvio Mussi and Bradley Ellis in the GT4 class.

2006 British GTC champion Matt Alison says on the britishgt.com website: "Being paired with another race driver can really make or break your season depending how you get on with them; it is as important as having a good car.

"It’s also important to have a car both drivers are happy with and a set up that suits both of them as well, so having drivers with a similar driving style is an advantage in British GT."

In case of having difficulties recognising the drivers, white numbers on red backgrounds denotes a GT3 vehicle, white numbers on blue backgrounds are for GT4, with black numbers on yellow background reserved for drivers in an invitation class.

The recent British GP was won by Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone.


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