Could Lewis be going for gold medal in 2009?

Lewis Hamilton could be looking to collect a few gold medals when the F1 season starts again if Grand Prix chief Bernie Ecclestone gets the green light for his plans to change the sport.

The pint-sized Ecclestone has big plans for Formula One.

He wants the driver who wins a Grand Prix event to receive a gold medal, the runner-up a silver and the third-placed driver a bronze.

Ecclestone is pushing for the Olympic-style system to be introduced as he is concerned that drivers are more worried about playing safe and settling for minor points to help their title bids than going for broke and trying to win.

A case in point would be Hamilton only having to finish fifth in the last race of the season to clinch this year’s crown (something he just achieved).

Under Ecclestone’s proposed system, Felipe Massa, not Hamilton, would have been crowned champ as he had six gold medal finishes this season compared to his British rivals’ tally of five.


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