Briatore changes his tune to back Hamilton’s title chances

Renault boss Flavio Briatore has seemingly changed his mind about Lewis Hamilton’s chances of winning the Formula One driver’s championship.

Before the Chinese Grand Prix Briatore asserted that he expected the Brit to blow his chances for the second time in as many seasons and hand the title to Ferrari driver Felipe Massa.

He also insisted that the Brit should be told "he is a Formula One driver not a Martian" after his first corner error left him out of the points at the Japanese Grand Prix.

But the comments were made before Hamilton’s out-of-this-world display at the Chinese Grand Prix put him within touching distance of the world crown, leaving Briatore to perform a U-turn regarding his predictions.

The Renault boss told "If I need to put money on anyone, then for sure I will put it on Hamilton as he has much more chance than anybody.

"But if I am asked to gamble then I will gamble on Massa because that will pay me more if I win."

Written by James Christie


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