10 games to play in the car this summer

Long journeys can be pretty boring sometimes – particularly for passengers. Sitting down for long periods of time with little to do and trying to keep yourself occupied can be a challenge. We’ve come up with a list of the best games you can play in the car this summer.

Many families find the car the perfect bubble to really talk and enjoy some quality time together but for longer journeys it’s a good idea to have some games up your sleeve, especially to keep younger passengers occupied. 

As well as board games, new technology – including games consoles and mobile apps – can also help pass the time as the miles gradually tick down.

If you’ve got a big trip planned, here are some games that can keep the kids entertained for hours.

Hasbro Grab + Go games

With the series offering family favourites such as Monopoly, Battleships and Guess Who?, these compact versions of the popular board games are perfectly portable and, as long as you can keep track of the pieces, should be able to pass the time on any long drive. They can also be great to use when you get where you want to be as each board game comes with simple storage making them easy to pack away.

Monument Valley

By combining bright colours, tricky geometry-based puzzles and an immersive world, the 2 Monument Valley mobile games can help passengers pass the time in the back seat. By taking the lead character Ida through a series of optical illusions, players can lose themselves in the vivid space where mind-bending architecture rules. The sequel is even more immersive and follows a new storyline.

Rolando: Royal Edition

10 years on from the original Rolando game, which took the iPhone gaming world by storm, the game’s developer HandCircus has brought the title back. After the first iteration was set in a colourful 2D world, where the circular characters roll around thanks to you tilting your phone from side-to-side, this 10th anniversary edition comes with a 3D design. This multi-level game is completed by collecting all the gems and rolling your way to the finishing portal.

Super Mario Run

Adding another dimension to Nintendo’s blockbuster Mario universe, Super Mario Run takes inspiration from other games in the series. Incorporating some of the series’ most well-known characters – including Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach and Mario himself -its bitesize format makes it a great game to pass around the car on a long journey.

Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

We’ve already included the charming Italian plumber in this list, but this time you get to race with him and most other characters from the Mushroom Kingdom around race tracks, using items such as shells, bananas, squid ink and boom boxes to hinder your rivals. You can get the latest version of the game  on Nintendo’s newest console – which uses 2 small controllers, making it perfect for 1 or 2 players while on the move.


The easy-to-learn card game is another great way of killing some time while you’re on the move. By matching colours and numbers, players make their way down from 7 cards to 1 – while remembering to say ‘Uno!’ when they get to that point. If the player can’t put down a card, they pick up from the central pile. But with wild cards thrown into the mix, games can take longer than you might think.

Top Trumps

With so many packs to choose from, the stat-based card game is another sure-fire way of keeping your kids occupied on a longer trip. By compiling figures for different subjects, players pit their top cards against each other from a category selected by the previous winner, and the person with all the cards at the end wins. Pretty simple, eh?

Temple Run

This mobile game is set in an Indiana Jones-style jungle temple. After stealing an artefact, your runner tries to stay out of reach of a pack of ‘demonic monkeys’ and by collecting coins, you can activate power-ups to help you improve your progress. By swiping up, down, left or right and tilting to get around, under or over objects, you need to get your runner as far as possible and get the highest score. Expect some serious competitiveness as your little passengers take it in turns to try and beat each other’s scores.

Fruit Ninja

Much like Temple Run, this classic game is great for passing around between players to see what score they can achieve. By cutting up animated fruit that’s thrown up onto the screen, players need to chop up as many items as possible – but avoid swiping through the bombs which will lose you a life. The colourful game can certainly help users pass a lot of time while on the move.

I Spy

This one never goes out of fashion. Putting your observations skills to the test, I Spy is easy to learn and can definitely go on for many miles before travellers get bored. Each player will get a turn at picking an object outside the car, saying what the first letter is and getting the other people in the car to guess what they have picked – it’s that easy.


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