Mini is top used car performer

New research from Lex has revealed the Mini to be top of the pile when it comes to used car performance.

Identifying which vehicles it believes will be worth most in the second-hand industry, Lex put Mini at number one, stating that it will be worth 54 per cent of the original price when based on a three-year 60,000-mile contract.

The Audi TT came in second place with a 52 per cent ranking, while the Audi A5 followed behind with 51 per cent.

In fact, Audi saw its A3 also in the top ten at number seven, following the Range Rover Sport, Mercedes Benz SLK and Mercedes Benz C Class.

Lex said it was not surprised to see the chart full of new models which are currently in short supply.

"Most used drivers aspire to the same credentials as a new car buyer, that of style, exclusivity and reliability and that’s why this list is the way it is," remarked Steve Jones, pricing manager for Lex.

He also said that people who cannot afford a new Mini or Audi TT may be able to buy a used one within three years.

The Mini on the market is often referred to as the New Mini, as it replaced its older counterpart in 2001 and returned to the motoring sector with a brand new design and list of features.


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