Urban driving appeal of the Mini Cooper Convertible

With the government proposing to lower urban speed limits to 20 miles per hour in some areas, this could be of benefit to cars travelling behind a Mini Cooper, according to a reviewer.

After test-driving the Mini Cooper Convertible 1.6, Giles Smith states in the Times that this will offer Mini Cooper drivers the optimum time to drop their top or put it up.

He remarks that the new roof mechanism can either be lowered or raised at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour in 15 seconds and thus could be done in these areas rather than when it is suitable to pull over and stop.

As well as the impressive roof, Mr Smith also comments that Mini has tried to enhance its appeal to men through the inclusion of a new gadget.

Mini drivers are now able to benefit from a device called the Openometer, which allows an individual to precisely know the number of miles and the amount of time the car has been driven with the roof down.

However, Mr Smith believes that although the feature is "clever and amusing", it goes against the light-hearted and free-spirited notion of what driving a convertible is meant to be like.

The Mini Cooper Convertible has a top speed of 123 miles per hour and generates 137g/km of carbon dioxide.


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