Mini Cooper’s are “different” to other vehicles

The Mini United festival at Silverstone was not the only event to mark the 50th anniversary of the Mini Cooper this weekend, with fans of the brand in Norfolk attending a celebration of their own.

A number of Mini Cooper owners made an appearance at Fakenham racecourse to take part in the Norfolk Mini Owner’s Club Rally, according to the Eastern Daily Press.

Among the visitors to the event was Norfolk club member Frances Graham, who has owned her Mini Cooper from new since 1965.

The 69-year-old told the publication: "The car has aged better than me. They are an interesting car because they were so different when they first came out.

"All the celebrities were driving them. The engine and drive system were different and despite the smallness of them you could get quite a lot in."

While the likes of the Beatles were known to drive around in Mini vehicles in their heyday, cars from the range remain popular with celebrities to this day.

These include Madonna, Elijah Wood and Goldie Hawn, with Madonna opting to drive the 2005 Mini Cooper S when she stays in her London home.


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