Mini Cooper strong for retaining value

Motorists looking for a car that has a strong chance of retaining much of its value over time may wish to consider a Mini Cooper, it has been revealed.

Tim Naylor, PR manager at British Car Auctions has indicated that the vehicle range is always popular at events.

An example of the vehicle’s residual values can be gained by looking at a 1.6-litre Mini Cooper on a 07 number plate that has completed 23,000 miles.

On average this vehicle sold at auction for about 73.7 per cent of its original showroom price and the range’s popularity is expected to grow further, with the Mini Cooper recently celebrating its 50th birthday.

Mr Naylor said: "Mini has great character and massive appeal. The car is genuinely aspirational for a wide range of drivers of all ages.

"We expect to see plenty of demand at auction as people celebrate 50 years of Britain’s favourite small car."

Motorists can also expect to get 52.3 miles to the gallon from a Mini Cooper, while being able to reach a top speed of 126 miles per hour.


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