Mini Cooper drivers own a successful and loved car

Used Mini Cooper drivers own a vehicle that is part of a fleet that has been one of the "most successful and loved cars of all time", it has been stated.

Writing in the Independent, Peter Woodman states that the Mini has been "an instant success" since its introduction to the market in 1959.

Part of the appeal of the Mini Cooper, alongside its other variants, is that it is highly manoeuvrable, especially when it comes to needing to be parked, according to Mr Woodman.

Also, its appeal has been enhanced thanks to its inclusion in sequences by film and TV directors.

The model starred in the Pink Panther film A Shot in the Dark, while joining the Beatles on their Magical Mystery Tour.

And the writer concludes that although the Mini seemed as if it had covered its last mile in 2000, since being re-launched by BMW it has "proved a big hit" and continued where its predecessor left off.

Adam Towler wrote in the Sunday Times earlier this month that the Mini Cooper S convertible is a "giggle to drive" and has an "infectious enthusiasm for cutting up curves".


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