Have you got a name for your Mini Cooper?

As part of the 50th birthday celebrations of the Mini this year, Mini Cooper owners have been encouraged to attend an event to share stories of their life with the vehicle.

Organisers of the Dunlop Great & British Motorsport Festival are looking to find out more about the lives of Mini owners, particularly if their Mini Cooper has a name or has been involved in any interesting scenarios.

The event is to take place at the Rockingham racing circuit in Northampton over the weekend beginning on April 18th.

James Bailey, Dunlop Motorsport’s communications manager, said: "Every Mini, old or new seems to have its own character, which is why we believe that many of the cars have been given names by their owners.

"With so many Minis, there must be thousands that have been given names and we want to know, just through curiosity what people have called theirs."

He added that over the past 50 years Mini has become a part of the "nation’s heritage" and that everyone that has currently been spoken to has a story to tell about the car.

Meanwhile, Mini Cooper fans may want to plan a journey to Silverstone in May to witness Paul Weller headline the Mini United 2009 celebrations, another event to mark the car’s birthday.


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