Compact van doors are a plus of the Mini Cooper Clubman

The van-style doors of the Mini Cooper S Clubman are a fun feature of the vehicle, according to a review.

According to the Islington Gazette, the large rear doors are compact but still capable of being opened in confined spaces.

It is also noted that they are practical when a motorist has to drop their rear seats to use the rear boot, as they are large enough to enable easier access.

Furthermore, some 960 litres of boot space is available in the Clubman when the seats are folded down, compared to 260 litres when the seats are up.

Another of the benefits of the new vehicle is that back seat passengers can stretch out further as their leg room has been enhanced by eight centimetres.

When on the road, the Mini provides "go-kart like handling, plenty of grip and bags of fun", according to the writer.

Meanwhile, the 1.6-litre engine allows motorists to complete 68.9 miles to the gallon.

According to Mini, the doors of the Clubman offer "a sleek exterior profile when closed".


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