White Cars Retain Value for Longer

White cars retain value longerA new study by car evaluation experts CAP suggests that those looking to maintain resale value of a new car should go white.

CAP studied the values of used cars in comparison to new prices and found that white cars hold more than 5% of their value compared to the market average. CAP found that a car coloured white can, indeed, increase the market value of a used car, bucking the trend from recent years and suggesting a vogue-ish relationship to car colour. White cars have not always been popular: due to the use of different materials, white cars in the Seventies were criticised for showing up rust while white cars from the Eighties were associated with the nouveau riche.

According to CAP, dark blue cars are the ones which suffer the greatest devaluation followed by British Racing Green – despite Britain being one of the few countries not have a superstition about the colour green.

CAP also suggests that distinctive colours can be fine on a sporty car, but reduce the value of a more convention vehicle.


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