The First Folding Car!


A group from MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology), working in collaboration the Spain’s DENOKINN organisation have created the first foldable car, the Hiriko Fold, a convenient, eco-friendly vehicle for city commuting.

The Fold can physically reduce its footprint to fit in the tiniest spaces. It’s ultra-light, electric and can travel up to 75 miles on a single change. While only able to accommodate two passengers, the Hiriko Fold can even move sideways, making parallel parking effortless.

On their new Citycar, Hiriko commented:

“This corporate Project will transform the initial concept of the “Citycar” and turn it into an innovating industrial Project consisting of the development of the initial prototype and its industrialisation by means of an innovating production and distribution model. The HIRIKO Project is born with a clear vision of transforming and regenerating the industrial grid in both Alava and the Basque Country, and for this purpose it counts on the participation of companies from the automotive sector that are in charge of manufacturing and developing each one of the modules that compose the Citycar concept.”

Specifically designed for urban driving and car sharing, the Hiriko is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack and has an electronically-controlled maximum speed of 31 mph. The Fold weighs in at less than 500 kg, and folds from 2.5 m to 1.5 m in length for stowage parking. The car has no doors, driver/passenger climb in and out of through the front hatch while the steering ‘wheel’ look more like a PSP; instead of traditional foot pedals, the drivers pushes the control forward for acceleration and back for braking.

As well the Fold, the US/Spain partnership has also designed the Alai convertible and Laga small truck.

Expected to go on sale next year, the £10,000 Hiriko Fold is already on trial in cities across Europe.


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