Jag Supergreen Coming Soon

Expect luxury car maker Jaguar to have a hybrid supercar ready to drive within next few years. The Coventry-based manufacturer company have announced that they expect to have 200 of their stunning carbon-fibre C-X75 hybrid supercars ready for the latter part of 2014.

Developed with F1 innovators Williams, the C-X75 will line up alongside McLaren’s much-anticipated second generation MP4-12C, as the first British-made hybrid supercars. The duo will look straight in the eye of Porsche’s 918 Porsche’s 918 Spyder Hybrid (due next year) and the Enzo Hybrid, a Ferrari release designed to cut fuel by 40%.

Jaguars green machine will house a 1.6 injection petrol engine, developed by Williams, will be turbo and supercharged.

CAR Magazine’s Gavin Green explained:

“The car never runs on petrol power alone – the 1.6 is always boosting the electric motors or it can run in EV mode at speeds up to 40mph around town. It’s clearly aimed at the McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche and it seems they want to be the most efficient of all.”


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