AA Cars’ User Reviews ‘A Goldmine’


  • 21% of motorists will buy a used car over the next 12 months
  • 12,000 drivers have reviewed their car

Most people who drive off the forecourt are delighted with the used car they have just purchased – but according to AA Cars, for some the gloss can quickly dull when they find the car doesn’t quite meet their expectations.

And although one in eight car buyers say they made ‘an almighty mistake’ when they bought a car,* a new facility is designed to help avoid such a pitfall.

That’s because more than 12,000 user car reviews are now searchable on AA Cars, so that buyers can easily discover what others think of a particular model they might be considering.

David Bruce, director of AA Cars says: “With well over 130,000 cars on the car buying website there is a huge range of vehicles to choose from.

Many people stick to the car make they are familiar with although our research shows that only 6% of buyers** know exactly what model of car they plan to buy.

People change cars for all sorts of reasons, reflecting changing family fortunes and they are likely to find it helpful to know what other buyers think of cars they might be considering.

By directing them to the reviews, dealers can help buyers know what they are getting in to.

According to a recent AA/Populus** poll among AA members, 27% of respondents said that they plan to change their car over the next 12 months – with only 6% planning to buy a brand new vehicle. Nearly half (49%) say that it is because their present car is too old, while another 11% say it’s because they want a car that’s cheaper to run

Others want a smaller car because they no longer need a large one (4%); equally 4% want a larger one to accommodate a growing family.

Perhaps reflecting unfortunate experiences with their existing car, 4% are looking for a more reliable vehicle while a similar number want a car with good ‘green’ credentials.

Only 2% want sportier or more powerful cars while just 1% like cars with lots of features and gadgets.

The AA Cars owner car reviews provide star ratings based on performance, running costs, comfort, reliability and space practicality. Free text allows owners to express their own opinions which do range from happiness to hostility for particular models. A summary box provides useful information about prices, economy, tax and overall star rating.

The reviews really are goldmine of car information,” comments David Bruce.

“What’s more, the number of reviews being added to the site is increasing at an extraordinary rate – after only a month, 12,000 used car reviews have been added.

AA Cars: Know what you are getting in to.

* Populus received 22,194 responses from AA members to its online poll between 23 and 18 May 2013
** Populus received 21,165 responses from AA members to its online poll between 11 and 17 October 2013:


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