Which in-car features suit your driving habits?

in-car-features-imageIn car technology is continuing to evolve, making daily driving experiences more comfortable and easier than ever. The days of having a tape player being the height of luxury in car features are long gone, with the range of entertainment options and other driving aids available now wider than ever. Depending on your driving habits, certain driver assist technologies will be more suitable, with most of the following available in the used cars for sale here at AA Cars.

Google Earth navigation

Sat Navs are becoming a regular feature with every new car it seems, and a lot of young drivers will struggle to get anywhere they haven’t been before without one. One of the best available comes with many new Audi models, as the German manufacturer has partnered with Google Earth to develop a 3D version, allowing users to zoom in on their exact location from a 3D perspective.

Best for: Drivers with a poor sense of direction

Auto-dipping beams

Auto-dipping beams are present in a few vehicles, but still a technology in development. A sensor in the windscreen detects oncoming traffic and appropriately dips the beam without you having to do anything. Some are also able to dip and keep the area around the car illuminated, for increased visibility when driving at night. At the moment the technology is fairly expensive, but is sure to become cheaper and more readily available soon.

Best for: Regular night drivers

Stop-start systems

More and more cars are being manufactured with stop-start engines, as a way to tackle the rising fuel emissions. When a car with a stop-start system comes to a halt, the engine automatically turns off after a certain amount of time. This cuts down on the amount of fuel used, especially when on the way to work or elsewhere that involves a lot of queuing and stop-start traffic.

Best for: Eco-friendly drivers

Rear and 360° cameras

Rear-view cameras are another piece of driver assist technology that is becoming standard equipment with a lot of vehicles. Now more new cars are coming with 360° cameras as well, with a wide angle camera under the nose, rear and both side mirrors that essentially help give a bird’s eye view of the car. This makes parking it easier than ever, especially when behind the wheel of an SUV or 4X4, with no excuses for any little bumps or scratches.

Best for: Nervous parkers

Zero gravity seats 

Comfort is vital when in the driver’s seat, which is why Nissan have teamed up with NASA to create a zero-gravity inspired car seat. Designed to alleviate fatigue for both passengers and the driver, it uses ergonomic technology to help form the best position for posture and ensure it doesn’t collapse over long journeys, with cushioning that comforts muscles and the spine. It is only available in Nissan vehicles at the moment.

Best for: Long commuters

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Both Apple and Android are now offering their own connectable in car technology that allows drivers and passengers to hook up their phones to the vehicle’s infotainment systems. The device’s interface is replicated on the vehicle’s display screen, making it simple to control, whether changing song or looking to call someone. Siri and other voice control options still work as well.

Best for: Bored drivers

Brake drying

Exactly as it sounds, the BMW brake drying driver assist technology dries out the vehicle’s brakes as you drive. The windshield wiper’s rain sensor activates it, so that when the brakes are wet the system automatically moves the brake pads closer to the rotors. This keeps them dry and ensures you have the best possible stopping power when driving in wet conditions.

Best for: Safety conscious drivers

Built-in Wi-Fi

More and more automakers are including built-in Wi-Fi as a common in car technology. It allows drivers and passengers to easily connect their devices to the Wi-Fi system for use with Sat Navs, music and other essential driving aids and entertainment options. Available for a small monthly fee, it can also keep young ones entertained on long journeys and be a lifesaver in certain situations.

Best for: Technology lovers

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