Weird… Is this a car?

One of the most known (and probably the only) Finnish car manufacturer, Valmet Automotive, displayed their exceptionally futuristic looking vehicle during the latest Geneva Motor Show 2012. This company is the one responsible for the assembly of the electric supercar, Fisker Karma. However, there is not much information revealed about their own concept car, called Valmet Dawn, apart from that it is electric.

Valmet Automotive prototype presumably uses Electric All-Wheel Drive (EAWD) system. This is a modification of the Halex-AWD system designed for hybrid electric systems to spread power, as its name suggests, between all four wheels. This earlier system has been designed by Haldex Traction Systems and been also installed in Sabbie PhoeniX prototype.

This car stands out from hundreds of other brands displayed this year in Geneva. Its suspension is so low that you can’t almost squeeze a coin under it. Its shape with its enhanced aerodynamic properties recalls the image of the racing bolids like the Marrusia Motors model, B2. Though, this might be well due to the influence derived from the recent partnership between these Russian and Finnish companies.

As of Valmet Dawn interior, the only space inside which obviously is the driver’s seat is located on the left rear side of the vehicle.

On the back of it, there is something which looks like an electric socket… and in all probability it is an electric socket. The biggest mystery is the blue glowing spiral in front of the car… Is that a blood sucking mosquito killer? We all know that Finland has this problem… country of thousands lakes. Is that their solution for it?

Beyond doubt, Valmet Automotive latest production is not a city car… more like a gadget for eccentric tech/eco-enthusiasts with a deep pocket.


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