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You might have seen a welcome fall in the petrol prices over the last few days – Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda are all cutting by 2p a litre. But consumers remain puzzled: why is the cut not 5p a litre? After all, that’s the drop in the price of wholesale petrol, which we’re continually reminded is the reason the prices went up in the first place.

Supporting FairFuel

Supporting FairFuel

And why we’re on the subject, why don’t Sainsbury’s or Tesco publish an national average or maximum price? Instead pricing locally?

Asda can confirm that customers will pay no more than 136.7p a litre for unleaded and 141.7p a litre for diesel so why not Tesco and Sainsbury’s? We welcome fair, national pricing, but Asda could do even more. In fact, instead of charging a price that helps UK families in the most demanding fiscal conditions for decades, Andy Peake, Asda’s director of petrol trading, instead attempts to play petrol politics with his over-charging competitor: “Unlike other retailers, our price cuts benefit everyone across the country, meaning no one filling up at Asda will be forced to pay a premium for their fuel.”

David Bizley, RAC technical director, retorted: “The soaring cost of fuel and the impact it’s having on ordinary families is unsustainable. Days out, school runs, shopping trips and even the daily commute are under threat because of the cost of getting in the car and turning on the ignition.”


VCARS Comment

Growing petrol prices are already out of hand, putting even greater stress on hard working British families, pushing up prices on our weekly shop, transport and impacting on our nation’s quality of life. While we understand that the large private companies work within the parameters of market forces, it surely falls upon our elected officials to exert control on such a pivotal part of modern British life?

It’s because of this that VCARS have decided to support the FairFuelUK campaign. FairFuelUK is aiming to challenge the Government on the 3p petrol/diesel tax hike. Get on board and let’s put pressure on the Conservative Government to play fair by British motorists. The initiative already has 10,000 supporters have already completed the ‘quick and easy’ online survey at http://www.fairfueluk.com/poll_ffuk.html.



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