VCARS’ Monday Morning Motoring Round Up – May 28th 2012

Every Monday morning, here at VCARs, we’ll give you a quick round-up of the motoring news from the weekend papers and links to read more. That means, instead of returning from the newsagents laden with papers, you can wait until Monday morning and catch the lot!

Ford unveils perfume that smells like a car!

Ford Spain has created a new perfume called Olor a Nuevo. ‘Smells New’ is part of a Ford campaign designed to promote its ‘Seleccion’ cars. The fragrance is sprayed in the interior of used cars to make them smell showroom fresh. Ford produced bottles of the scent and came up with an aromatic marketing campaign in which scented cards were hung inside busses.

Used car prices affected by weather

The weather can affect the value of your car, according to the Chief Editor at car pricing experts CAP. Chris Crow’s study, carried out between 2002-2006, looked at similar economies with different weather patterns. Crow confirmed that it is not only convertible cars which sell well in the sunshine, but in fact the whole market.

Crow said: “Both 2002 and 2006 began with similar hours of sunshine through to the month of May. However, in June 2006 there were an additional 60 hours of sunshine compared to 2002, while July enjoyed 115 additional hours over the same period in 2002. It was also a cracking year for used car values, which supports what dealers often tell us – that the better the weather, the stronger the demand for used cars.”

(Not) Just The Ticket

Despite cutting back on traffic wardens, councils handed out more parking tickets in 2011 (3,882) than 2010 (3,693).

6.8m tickets were handed out in 2011 (or one every 4.6 seconds), 4% more than 2010. However, one in four tickets was disputed and those that appealed won out 39% of the time.

On average, 74,257 fines were handed out by each local council last year, compared to 72,367 in 2010. Liverpool traffic wardens were most ticket-happy, handing out an average of 2,616 parking fines each in 2011. Liverpool were followed by Coventry (2,220) and Worcester (2,125). Sunderland is the fairest place to part in the UK – just 296 fines were handed per warden in 2011.

Robin Reames, chief claims officer at, said: “Shortage of parking has become a huge issue in towns and cities across the UK in the past five to 10 years. However, this doesn’t excuse illegal parking.”

Local government minister Bob Neill said: “There is no excuse for town halls using parking fines and motorists as cash cows. We want to see councils use parking to support the high street and help their local shops prosper. That’s why we have ended the last government’s requirements to limit spaces, push up parking charges and encourage aggressive parking enforcement.”

First Class Service (Station)

Tebay service station has become the first to be awarded five stars in a survey by the Highways Agency and VisitEngland. The station sells jars of locally sourced gooseberry jams, organic tomatoes, fresh leeks, local beef and wine, fresh coriander, thyme, basil, and organic cheese.

The restaurant serves homemade food and an outdoor grill shack is open around the clock. Employing 500 staff, Tebay is on the northbound M6 at the head of the Lune gorge.

70 service stations haveachieved three-stars in the survey, 11 received two-stars and 25 four-stars.


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