Top 5 Car-Fashion Collaborations

Far from simply being a vehicle that gets a driver from A to B, cars are now status symbols and a way to create the ultimate first impression. As a result, car manufacturers have now attempted to branch out and step away from the crowd. To do this, many of them have enlisted the help of designers in an attempt to reinvent their brand and car. Here we look at some of the most successful car-fashion collaborations of all time:

#5 Smart ForTwo Edition by Jeremy Scott

image001Internationally renowned fashion designer Jeremy Scott teamed up with Smart back in 2013 to create a truly unique version of their car, the Smart ForTwo. The most striking feature of Scott’s innovative design is undoubtedly the two rear wings that are trimmed with red. Both the exterior and the interior of the ForTwo are predominantly a striking white, and the interior is also fitted lavishly with embossed leather and alubeam embellishments. The Scott ForTwo is definitely one for the more exuberant and stylish among us – not everyone can carry off all-white!

Range Rover Evoque Victoria Beckham Special Edition


Back in 2012, Land Rover teamed up with renowned fashion designer and ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham to create a special, limited edition version of the Range Rover Evoque. As you’d perhaps expect with Ms Beckham, the car is anything but subtle. Beckham was responsible for designing both the interior and the interior alongside Gerry McGovern. On the outside, the Evoque is finished in matt grey which contrasts brilliantly with the high-gloss black detailing and alloy rims. On the inside, the interior contains tan leather sports seats, mohair mats and microsuede headlining. In short, it’s as flash as you’d expect from a Beckham creation.

Roberto Cavalli MINI Paceman


Roberto Cavalli may not be the only famous designer to have helped create a MINI, but his creation is probably our favourite of them all. Originally designed in 2013 and intended to be auctioned for a charity event, the Cavalli Paceman is breathtakingly beautiful, and unlike any other MINI on the planet. It’s certainly far removed from the Italian Job days anyway!

Stunningly presented in a mixture of black and gold, the roof of Cavalli’s creation contains a massive Roberto Cavalli logo which is designed to appear as though it is floating above the rest of the vehicle. Inside, the car contains black trim with gilded elements. If luxury is your thing, then look no further than the Cavalli MINI Paceman.

Citroen DS3 by Benefit


One primarily targeted at the ladies out there, the Citroen DS3 is certainly pretty in pink. Benefit say that their version of the DS3 means that there’s no need to use a makeup box ever again, because you can keep all of your makeup in the car instead.

Most of Benefit’s work takes place in the interior of the car. The arm rest has been converted into a makeup tray, while theirs is also a mirror attached to the dashboard (pictured) and there’s even a fragrance dispenser and a handbag hook. That’s not all, however, and there’s also bespoke LED lighting that is designed to help women get ready… when stationary, of course. Maybe not one for the men, but the Benefit DS3 has certainly got women thinking.

Fiat ‘Gucci’ 500


And finally, what list of designer-car collaborations would be complete without an appearance from Gucci? Built as part of Gucci’s 90 year anniversary, the Gucci Fiat 500 is a truly remarkable vehicle.

In itself, the Fiat 500 is already known as a beautiful car, but Gucci (as you may expect) have taken it to the next level with their Italian artistic flair. Unveiled at Milan fashion week back in 2011, the Gucci 500 has already been dubbed as ‘the ultimate fashion accessory’.

There are two models of the car available, either black or white, with all of the detailing in chrome. The black model’s interior is trimmed in black and white, while white model has a black interior trim. Completed with special 16 inch Gucci branded alloys, the car’s theme is completed with a trademark Gucci stripe.

So, there we have it, the 5 greatest car-fashion collaborations of all time. Which one gets your vote as the favourite?


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