Top 10 Fastest Production Cars of all Time

From 207 to 252.2mph, here are the worlds fastest production cars ever! And you only need £190,000 to get on the ladder!

Bugatti Veyron (2004) 252.2 MPH, 1001 BHP

The Veyron is without doubt the King of Speed. In production for over 10 years, the launch of the Veyron was much anticipated. Probably the most beautifully crafted car ever made, the Veyron could see it’s position as fastest production car in the world outlast the McLaren F1’s 11 year reign at the top when the CCR replaced it.

veyron1 veyron2
veyron3 veyron4
veyron5 veyron6

Koenigsegg CCX (2006)
250 MPH, 900 BHP

The Koenigsegg CCR topped the F1 for the worlds fasters car (this was short lived as the Veyron came along and improved this). The CCX is the lastest version of the futuristic race car which, along with Pagani are symonymous of the newer European supercar manufacturers. This is the fastest V8 powered car in the world.

ccx1 ccx2
ccx3 ccx4
ccx5 ccx6

Saleen S7 (2005)
248 MPH, 750 BHP

An American supercar, the only one in the list, the Saleen have a huge race pedigree. The lightweight aluminium body helps power the S7 to a manufacturer boasted top speed of 248 MPH and an awesome 2.8 sec for the 0-60mph sprint.

s71 s72
s73 s74
s75 s76

McLaren F1 (1994)
240.14 MPH, 620 BHP

The F1 is the yard stick for today’s supercars. Priced at $1,000,000 in 1994, it was a formula one inspired car for the roads. The McLaren F1 is unique amongst supercars, indeed all cars in that the driver sits in a central seat with two smaller passenger seats to the side. In March 1999, a computer millionaire died after crashing his F1 into a tree on the A120 in Great Dunmow, Essex. Apparently, parts of the car were found upto a quarter of a mile from the crash site.

f11 f12
f13 f14
f15 f16

Ferrari Enzo (2002)
217 MPH, 657 BHP

Built in honour of the companies founder, Enzo Ferrari, the F60 looks like something from Batman. For years, Ferrari has been the name associated with high performance and supercars. Italian beauty has oozed from their sleek lines and aggressive stances. The Enzo is the first Ferrari supercar to match the Pagani and Koenigsegg for aerodynamic looks with it’s F1 inspired nose and vents.

enzo1 enzo2
enzo3 enzo4
enzo5 enzo6

Jaguar XJ220 (1992)
217 MPH, 549 BHP

The XJ 220 was always planned to be the worlds first 200 mph production car and sparked a golden era of super cars in the late 80’s / early 90’s with cars like the Ferrari F40 and Testarossa and McLaren F1 all trying to out do each other. Jaguar was British owned at this time and it was a proud moment for the company.

xj2201 xj2202
xj2203 xj2204
xj2205 xj2206

Pagani Zonda F (1999)
215 MPH, 602 BHP

Aside from the Veyron, the Zonda is one of the very few supercars that have the same attention to detail inside as out. Stunning design that you would expect from a mad Italian creator! Praised heavily for its handling and acceleration, the Zonda is arguably the most desirable car in the top 10.

zonda1 zonda2
zonda3 zonda4
zonda5 zonda6

Lamborghini Murcielago (2003)
213 MPH, 633 BHP

No car list dedicated to speed or beauty would be complete without a Lamborghini! Since the early 1970’s Countach, the Lambo has been what Ferrari owners aspire to. The early Lamborghinis were incredible to look at but impossible to live with on a day to day basis, the latest versions (the ‘cheap’ Gallardo is a smaller sister) are awesome. A legendary V12 race prepared engine thunders the car to 100 kmph in 3.4 seconds.

murcielago1 murcielago2
murcielago3 murcielago4
murcielago5 murcielago6

Porsche Carrera GT (2004)
209 MPH, 605 BHP

Possibly a challenger for most beautiful supercar, the 911 inspired Carrera GT, based on the 1985 959 Turbo is an awesome machine. The sleek lines and styling possibly hold this car back from the futuristic cars that hold the 220mph+ level, the Carrera GT is still capable of holding it’s own. It’s also one of the most attainable cars in the top 10 at around £215,000

carrera1 carrera2
carrera3 carrera4
carrera5 carrera6

McLaren Mercedes SLR (2005)
207 MPH, 626 BHP

The Big Mac is the fastest production true automatic car in the World. Famously written off by Prince Naseem Hamed causing a prison sentence, the SLR is an awesome machine and is belived by many to be capable of more. The SLR stands for “super leicht, Rennsport�

slr1 slr2
slr3 slr4
slr5 slr6



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  1. Fastest car is not any of these.
    Check the fastest 1/4 mile for funny cars. Or check the land speed records at Utah salt flats.
    The fastest funny car 1/4 mile is 333 mph by John Force Nitro team.
    Veyron and Aero… eat your heart out!!!

  2. What about the Honda Civic? I most definitely thought that would be there…. If not that, then what about my moms Dodge Neon?

  3. actually,the saleen is the true fastest car in the world if the driver was expert enough to push it,saleen s7 twin turbo could have been the fastest car in the world if i was the one who drived it,

  4. These are not production cars but boutique cars, they have to be more than a thousand to be a production car.

  5. What no mention of the callaway sledgehammer twin turbo,circa1988, ©254mph, yes faster than veyron

  6. my family has buit an AC cobra kit car (the 308 motor 427 body) and i have complete trust in my family but i will not ever test the top speed. Any one that has taken the Bugatti to top speed or ever driven a car over 180 mph you know that it is stressful. Any second you feel like the car is going to fall apart. But doing 295 mph like someone posted in a saleen? the only way to make that safe, is to drive a lead blob. Let the Bugatti have the title, but someday a new strutural material will come out and then the saleen will take the win because they will be able to put in a super charged V-infinity and not brake you see you’ll all see.

  7. dd u 4get that vw makes bugatti, so it will always stay the fastest producion car and the fastest street legal car thats only if the peaple car owns it .

  8. your missing the ssc ultimate aero… fastest car in production right now faster than the veyron

  9. Wow alot of people have no idea how to type thats what I’m getting out of all of this. And to put it all to rest unless you build it yourself you will allways be talking about someone else’s car! Oh and the U.S.A. will always kick ass and leave you for dead on the pavement!

  10. guys i readed all the coments and i agreed with the aero lovers and i think they are rite although they dont know, what they are talking about because the aero ssc is chevy engine ., the ccx is a ford engine and the ultima GTR is The same as the aero ssc a chevy 427ci of the old school but without the twin turbo, guys this is a matter of fight between countries and not between brands or factories.
    I hope that the guys that read this article.. still keep the same opinion because american engines are really the best , even the german and england factories are buying the engines from the united states to make their expensive cars and rip off the people.
    I agree with the guy named wil and the guy name gregberlin too.

  11. That is mainly wrong, the Porsche GT goes 205mph,the Maclaren Mercedes SLR goes 208mph. Problem, I think so, not only are your stats wrong but you have left, so many cars out that include:
    Ultimate Aero TT
    Apollo Gumbert
    Ford GT
    TVR Ceberais Speed 12
    Ferrari FXX ETC
    right this is just a snippet of some of the awesome cars this pathetic list has missed!
    Using the cars above ONLY! This is how it should go;
    1.Bugatti Veyron
    2.Koenigsegg CCX
    3.McLaren F1
    4.Jaguar XJ220
    5.Saleen S7
    6.Ferrari Enzo
    7.Pagani Zonda F
    8.Lamborghini Murcielago
    9.McLaren Mercedes SLR
    10.Porsche Carrera GT
    That is how that joke of a list should have gone.
    For a real list cars that are all right wait for a compatent person to do it!

  12. OK as from what it stands now , what is the fastest production car in the world? Well like it or not the SSC Ulitmate Aero TT has the title as the fastest production car made. 256+ mph, who says? Genis Book of Records. Sure the Veyron is a close second at 253+ mph to the SSC. But from what I have read the record set by the Veyron was on a road test enviorment. The SSC speed record was set on a 2.5 miles of closed off highway in Washington State. Looks wise I like the SSC way better then the Veyron. What ever style you like is a matter of opinon, but you cant arguee with numbers and facts. SSC Ultimate TT fastest production car end of story.

  13. I can not believe they did not put on the Barabus TKR which goes at 270 mph and does 0-60 in 1.67 seconds, it also has 1005 bhp. It is a lot fast than the SSC Ultimate Aero TT and the Bugatti Vayron Grand Sport, and is only selling at £600,000! Trust me, it is worth it!!!

  14. its the aero and untill the bugatti does another run proving its faster or another car comes along it will be the aero it was proven and witnessed by ginius world records and they even kept track of its speed with a satellite used to keep track of missles

  15. RISHIL.

    ” You’ve made the right decision for the fastest car in the world”?? LOL, he’s made the wrong one. The SSC is fastest, whether you like the car and think it’s ugly or not. That doesn’t change the fact it’s faster.
    And why is it the worst car in the world?

    Regarding the publisher of this …he’s completely missed out anything American…242mph Vector anyone?

  16. well done

    you have made the right decision for the fastest car in the world (the bugatti Veyron)

    i really do not like the aero tt because it looks really ugly and it is the worst car in the world!!!!!!!

  17. Its the aero. Look it up.
    Any one know the fastest car ever? Not production but not like a rocket or jet? with a regular motor, v-8, v-10,v-12… the fastest production is aero, fastest ever is the Thrust SSC. What about modded cars?

  18. I enjoy reading through these postings just to see what people have to say because in all reality we are all in motion at all times and the electrons in my body are moving faster than any of these cars ever could but yet we argue…..we’ve mastered speed on earth…..REAL engineering is the science of new fuel sources and energy efficient cars…not who’s got the most inefficient fast car don’t get me wrong i love going fast but there are more important things

  19. you are all going crazy about the ssc and the ccx and what not? did you ever gve it a thought that the bugatti can thrash them all in a straight line and on a track day? nowhere in the world is a road long enough for the ssc or ccx to reach their top speed whereas the bugatti has one if of the highest top speeds which it could reach in seconds…pull up next to me with your ovarated supercars and the veyron will shuv them faces in the tarmac!

  20. The Carrera GT is a steal for 215k; Porsche made too many of them to be rare, and regarding its basis on the 959 – it neither has all-wheel drive, a sequential twin-turbo boxster 6 (normally-aspirated V10), adjustable air suspension, or could ever be considered a rally contender… oh and it’s about 25 years late!

  21. Ricardo Buchannon on

    How about the 67 shelby cobra Ford 427 wedge head with the first single over cam engine ever built produced 650 hp with only one 4bl and 757 with 2 , this is still the only car in history that could fry the rear tires off at 100mph.

  22. Thislistfails on

    The ssc ultimate areo is number one….but your also forgetting the gumpert apollo which can do 224

  23. Ur all forgeting the dodge hennessey v10 twin turbo, its claimed to do 255mph and it does a 1/4 mile in 8.3secounds. It should be up there its all so got the biggest engine at 8.5liters

    not all rich folks would waste there chips on thease
    cars overated/overpriced/overdone any dreamer in a farmhouse in astrailia goes (cool)! why not? you will
    never own a golf cart resembling thease rides!!!
    its a fact i have my limits and know truevalue!!
    the rest is a makeover!! glad there not mine!!
    and less too worry about,GET REAL$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  25. Yeah those are fast. But I would like to remind you all that for almost 30 years the fastest production car in the world really was a factory produced car. Built on an assembly line right next to it’s not so fast or exotic brothers and sisters, real Detroit steel. That’s right, for all the real auto-enthusiasts out there not consumed by the ultra-modern porn car glamour, I’m talking about the Plymouth Superbird.

  26. Also sorry for the double post but these new cars are also quite powerful and might take a few cars of this list so you might want to look them up

    lamborghini reventon
    aston martin 177
    the new ford gt (im sorry i cant provide a name)
    Porsche mirage
    lotus evora
    jun veyron (skeptical)
    and the is also a car that can go from 0-60 in a second i beleive its a vortex and it has been upgraded by some random individual if you check on youtube you will see it.

  27. the jun veyron has an objective of 500km/h however just like the brabus tkr i cant find any video’s of it so it could be false, but if we look at the facts especially when everyone talks about the aero the bugatti veryron is a “hyper car” that’s what makes it all the more beautiful then the brabus tkr if you tried to drive a brabus to work you would simply end up crashing and if you see the quote from one of these top cars “In March 1999, a computer millionaire died after crashing his F1 into a tree on the A120 in Great Dunmow, Essex. Apparently, parts of the car were found upto a quarter of a mile from the crash site.” This is the mclaren f1 of course so the brabus could easily do the same thing just more dangerous it would take a trained driver as would the bugatti but the bugatti as we know has a retracting rear bumper which allows the bugatti to hit the max 253.2 mph and this left up would allow it to be driven normally the bugatti is a supercar a road car in one that is the definition of a hyper car alot of people use the term to freely for a car like a lamborghini gallardo which is a nice car but not a hyper car. So untill the is a faster STREET LEGAL car the bugatti remains at the top.

  28. Most of them r gd but ur missing 1.
    The Ariel Atom 3….its one of the quickest car by acceleration…2.88 secs to 100km/h
    Top speed : 240 km/h
    and it onli weights 500kgs and its street legal.

  29. for those who dont now this is a list of the fastest production cars and incase you didnt know the barabus tkr isnt a production car

  30. Ok let me tell you about this Bugatti. Even in 2004 it could top over 260 mph and put out more than 1100 hp. This is because it was only tested to go that speed at the VW test track. And if you didnt know that track is in the mountains. And in the mountains air is alot thinner than down here at sea lvl. The Bugatti is undoubtably the fastest production car the world has ever seen. And if you still dont belive me they raced it against the McLaren F1 they let it reach 150mph before the Bugatti set off. The Bugatti cought up to in a couple of seconds and passed it to win. Still dont belive me well they also raced it against the RAF’s fastest jet, yes the Bugatti lost but it was only a couple seconds behind it. So the Bugatti Veyron 16.4L can easily beat any can today with or with out the speed limiter chip on it. O yea and all that crap about it not being arodynamic enough, it was built around its arodynaicy and is easily the most arodynamic car on the road. And one more thing at its limited top speed the specialty tires made for it will burn out in 15 min while the fule runs out in 13min (thats what 4 turbo chargers do to ya) so i would be glad to see a car trying to beat the Bugatti’s land record and ride the rims so it would be near imposible to beat this car. Also Bugatti didnt set out to make a record for the fastest car, they set out to make the best allaround car. And if they can make a car go that fast without trying i would be extatic to see what they can do when they set out to make the fastest car ever!!!

  31. d whole thng should be revised….its the SSC ULTIMATE AERO TT…d fastst productn car in d world

  32. WOW hasnt any one figured out that the brabus tkr DOESNT EXIST!! There are no decent pictures and np videos of the car At all. Worlds fasest cr and they can’t even afford a decent camera and photographer

  33. but guys now u know there is the SSC Ultimate Aero has a record of 257.11 mph (413.83 kph) so it is actually the fastest car ever but since it was produced, the bugatti has launched a new race car bugatti the same as the known one but its much faster. its goes an easy 450 km/h. and it was put on top gear and on the discovery channel so that bugatti will still be the fastest production car ever

  34. Who cares about top speed, you want acceleration and the TVR speed twelve is the car to challenge

  35. yeeeeeeeea right i used to have an astra gte 16v that could blow the doors off all this ol junk. everyone knows the ford Rs turbo chipped can do at least 250mph and over 300mph with a fin an rat tails and go faster stripes.I had a capri lazer 2.8 snide that was so boss it was the fastest car in the universe clocked by aliens in space at over 10005mph so there.

  36. Andrew Spiker on

    On Sept. 13, 2007, the Shelby SuperCars’ Ultimate Aero became the fastest production car in the world. The event took place on a temporarily closed, two-lane stretch of public highway in Washington State. In accordance with Guinness World Records’ strict policies, the car had to drive down the highway, turn around, and make a second pass in the opposite direction within one hour.

    The Ultimate Aero posted 257.41 mph on the first pass and 254.88 mph on the second for an average of 256.18 mph. Official data were collected via a GPS tracking system from Austrian data acquisition company Dewetron. Guinness World Records later verified data for an official top-speed announcement on Oct. 9, 2007. At that speed the Ultimate Aero broke the official record held by the Koenigsegg CCR (242 mph) and the unofficial record (253 mph) held by Volkswagen’s $1.6 million Bugatti.

    And the car could go even faster. NASA’s wind tunnel testing facility in Langley, Va., found the Ultimate Aero to be aerodynamically stable at speeds up to 273 mph. It just ran out of road. “If there was additional straight pavement on which to accelerate, the top speed would have been considerably higher, so if anyone challenges our record there is tons left on the table,” says Chuck Bigelow, the brave soul who piloted the Ultimate Aero on its record-breaking run.

  37. It’s too bad the TVR Cerbera Speed 12 never was put into production or else it would definitely be on this list. The reason it was never put into production was because it was too powerful. It broke TVR’s dyno during testing even.

  38. Hi just a thought! speed has NEVER killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary–that’s what gets you.
    we need a car that can fly, be a bit safer up there. And yes i know about the 400.

  39. Listen, guys – while you’re ranting on about “Barbus” or “Barabus” (or whatever other perversion of this name you can think of – greenbus, redbus, yellowbus), it’s actually BRABUS! I repeat – BRABUS! Got it?

  40. hey guys,
    in 1985 a little old ford set a record at 2.1 seconds for the 0-60 dash it cost just 50 grand and was driven by stig it was of course the rs200 and to this day no car has ever been head to head nad beaten it.
    i know of many faster records in modded cars but in 2007 ferrari and top gear turned down a head to head
    go figure

  41. Actually, the Ultimate Aero has not been tested at its highest speed. And it still holds the world record. Ask a physicist, the coefficient of friction of the veyron is much higher than that of the Aero. Plus, the Aero’s 1183 bhp and 1094 lb./ft. torque to the Veyron’s 1001 bhp and 922 lb./ft. torque shows that it would be impossible for the Veyron to be faster.

  42. but Ben g check your facts because the bugatti veyron is the fastest and it has 2 v8’s that a hole lot of hp the veyron will beat the ssc and dave yes it will beat the caparo t1 though it is a very nice car the caparo goes only 200mph it has been tried and tested it will not go over that

  43. Bugatti Veyron
    252.2 MPH with a 1001 BHP, is an amazing machine build by the engineers, I’ve seen this thing going on a top speed of 407 km/h on BBC top gear, I wish I could ever drive this machine.

  44. why doesnt any1 know about the SSC aero TT!!! its a twin turbo V8, and yet its recorded at 258mph and calculated to do 288mph, more powerful than the bugatti too, at 1185bHp! did i mention it does all this on a V8!!! INSANE (re-write the list, this sat on top obviously) dont believe me? check it out

  45. how about the caparo t1? featured on top gear on 11/11/07, 0-60 in 2.5sec, that seems fast enough to me to qualify for this listing.

  46. d3r3k the audi avus quattro can not beat the bugatti veyron because the avus was made by audi, audi’s fastest car is the r8 and it goes 300kp/h the bugatti is capable of reaching 290 mph because when it reaches 253 mph a chip iside it automaticly slow it down

  47. the venom hennessey is faster than the veyron but it is tuned from its original version as the veyron is not and the brabus tkr is not the fastest. first of all unless its a formula 1 car, a sports car can nat reach 270 mph without taking flight……MAYBE the only one that might beat the veyron is the audi avus quattro or the ultima gtr

  48. CCX is clearly the best car in the world. I know for a fact the CCX will get to number one spot sometime!

  49. SSC (Shelby Super Cars) Ultimate Aero Twin-Turbo broke the production car world speed record on October 9, 2007, and with Guiness World Records as witness. 257.11 mph on the first run and 254.55 mph on the second run. Average 255.83 mph.

  50. The Saleen S7 is king of them all, as its true speed has not been determined. It could possibly push 295mph…

  51. u guys gtta be nuts…!!!!!
    the ferrari enzo is much faster thn da mclaren f1 in every damn way……!!!!
    and whr da hell is gallardo??

  52. SSC Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo Breaks Production Car World Speed Record

    WEST RICHLAND, WA (09/13/2007) Shelby Supercars (SSC), manufacturer of the ultra high-performance Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo, set the new “World’s Fastest Production Car” record earlier today with an average top speed of 255.83 mph. Confident of the 1183 hp vehicle’s abilities, SSC set out to validate their top speed claim in accordance with the strict guidelines set by Guinness World Records. Among other requirements, in order to meet Guinness’ approval, a vehicle testing for the top speed record must drive down the course, turn around, and make a second pass in the opposite direction within one hour. The vehicle’s official “top speedâ€? is calculated by averaging the top speeds of each pass in order to negate any favorable road or weather conditions. Today, on a temporarily-closed 2 lane stretch of public highway in Washington State, the Ultimate Aero posted a top speed of 257.11 mph (413.83 kph) on its first pass and 254.55 mph (409.71 kph) on its return pass, yielding a new top speed record: a staggering 255.83 mph (411.76 kph). The data, collected by Dewetron’s world-renowned GPS tracking system, will be verified by Guinness before the Ultimate Aero is officially crowned the “World’s Fastest Production Car.” This breaks the current official record held by the Koenigsegg CCR at 242 mph by 11.83 mph and the Bugatti Veyron’s unofficial speed of 253 mph by 3.11 mph.

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  54. Ushio has it right! and those figures are based on a 720 Hp SBC. The Ultima is the Standard by which all will be judged.

  55. Ultima GTR

    Fastest 0-60 mph time: 2.6 seconds
    Fastest 0-100 mph time: 5.3 seconds
    Fastest 100-0 mph time: 3.6 seconds
    Fastest 0-100-0 mph time: 9.4 seconds
    Best performance on a skidpad: 1.176g lateral grip in a 200 ft circle.
    Fastest road car over the 1/4 mile: 9.9 seconds

    Beats everything.

  56. It is roumored that the Veyron can give out over 1100 BHP. 1001 is the bare minimum 1 will give out. Clarkson said it could give atleast 1050 easilly in the top gear episode a year or so back (figures are from my memory) The barabus is a joke tbh, i have searched a lot for actual figures on that, and theres nothing since a year ago at the unveiling. There are no actual figures, I would guess it would do 220

  57. aah don’t forget the new Koenigsegg CCXR it has 1285 BHP,it does 0-60 in 2.1 seconds and has a top speed 298+ MPH

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  59. Just can drive on my dream this all car. Or maybe one day I be rich I will buy one. Koenigsegg CCX my choose.

  60. CCX is the best! I love this car only that i don’t have the money fot it!
    And i also think that the 250 MPH is a litel for it! If i was driving CCX i will have alredy put a new record!

    For the car…..

  61. Justin and some of the rest of you are making some silly assumptions. I can only assume that you are all in high school and have yet to take a basic physics class. Veyrons go 253Mph because that is just about as fast as 1001 hp will push an object that shape and tires that big through the air. If you do the basic math you can predict just how fast a car should theoretically go based on its coefficient of frictions for air and rolling resistants and Hp figures and weight. Actually getting a car to preform at these stresses are another matter entirely. Keep in mind that air resistance is a squared function which is why cars with 500hp can go 190mph but you need twice that to go just 60mph faster.

  62. just so everyone knows the barabus isent as fast a its claimed to be and the veyrons top speed is automaticly stoped at 253 mph so its top speed could be somewere in the 280s or even 90s because they put a chip in the car to slow it down, they dont know what it will do above 253 and the saleens speed has been checked thats why its posted its not a assumption

  63. what about barabus it goes is the fastest car in the world now it stands at 270mh and 1005bhp o-60 in 1.64 sec well what about that

  64. i can afford these it’s pocket change(ya if i was bill gates sucesser) or if i had a job and worked for a billion yaers

  65. you guys are nuts, who were the observers for these speeds, last i checked some of thesse cars were a tad slower or faster, and are these cars speeds your talking about with or without tuning?

  66. they have created a new fast car that should definately be in this list … it is of course the barabus TKR.. top speed 270 mph … thats a tad quicker then the veyron LOL!… 1005 HP .. this thing is a beast

  67. Soon the bugatti veyron killer will arrive..Porsche must check it..breathtaking

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