The Great Whiplash insurance swindle!

In the aftermath of the Government’s pledge to clampdown on fraudulent whiplash calls, a management company continues to advise callers to make bogus injury claims, the Mail on Sunday reports.

An undercover reporter for MoS was told by a saleswoman at Legend Claims that he should submit a claim even though he informer her that he had suffered no pain.

It’s a case which will anger the millions of honest drivers paying inflated premiums to cover these false claims.

‘Shaz’ at Legend Claims encouraged the claim just a day after Transport Secretary Justine Greening vowed to stamp out fake whiplash cases.

Did You Know?

  • Bogus claims cost the insurance industry £2?billion a year
  • They raised annual insurance premium by £90 per motorist
  • From 2005 to 2010, while traffic road accidents feel by 23 per cent, whiplash claims rose 70 per cent


Legend Claims which makes money from referring personal injury claimants to no-win, no-fee law firms was one of six companies approached by the undercover journalist.

The reporter told all the firms the same story: he had been rear-ended at low speed by another car while stationary, leaving a small dent but no personal injuries.

While the other companies refused the approach, when pressed, Legend Claims facilitated the claim advising the scribe that he could earn between £2-3,500. The Claims Management Regulator is investigating the case.

The Mail on Sunday also claims law firms have begun enticing new personal injury claim by offering free iPads and that car insurance companies worth billions of pounds often settle out of court before passing the costs on to motorists’ premiums.


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  1. Abosoutley disgusting, my son is being taken to court after a small bump, the claimant is claiming £21,000 in total, there was no damage to either car, and no injury sustained, how can this be allowed???
    The government should be doing all it canto stop fraudulent claims.