The 5 Most Extravagant Luxury Saloons Available Today

Practical and stylish cars for businessmen and families alike, saloon cars dominate much of our motoring landscape. But, the average family saloon or the average company car isn’t for everyone. So, what if money is no object, and what if you’re in the quest for motoring perfection? Here are the 5 top extravagant luxury saloons available today.

5) Mercedes-Benz S Class

Mercedes-Benz S Class

Designing an S-Class must be a rather daunting task. Each version appears to be even more beautiful than the last, and it has long been billed as one of greatest cars in the world. If you want effortless, classic styling, then the S-Class is for you.

Greatness seems as though it is embedded into the DNA of the S-Class, and the 2014 version is certainly no different. Externally beautiful and with German precision engineering under the bonnet, the 2014 S-Class has something for everyone.

What’s more, it’s packed with luxury features including a rear parking camera, heated seats, satellite navigation, a hands free kit and collision prevention assist. At number 5 in our list, it really is the car that has something for everyone. However, it isn’t quite in the same league as the others that are beyond this world.

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4) Maybach 57

Maybach 57


Based on the S-Class Sedan, the Maybach 57 was the first model released by Maybach after it was revitalised by Daimler AG. In 2008, the Maybach was voted as the ultimate luxury car model by the Luxury Brand Status Index, beating both Rolls-Royce and Bentley in the process. Celebrities flocked towards it, with everyone from Piers Morgan to Jay-Z owning one at the height of their power.

Sadly, production ended in 2013, due to crippling financial losses, but this only adds to the air of luxury that surrounds the brand.

With an in built Bose sound system, cabin pollen filter system, orthopaedic heated seats, a fridge and television systems with internet connectivity, there’s nothing that this car cannot do to help entertain you. And, with a 5.5-litre twin-turbo V12 engine that does 0-60 mph in only 5.1 seconds, you’ll get to your destination quickly, too.

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3) Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Thought that the Maybach was fast? Well the 2013 Bentley Continental Flying Spur is even faster. The Bentley can get from 0-60 mph in a mere 4.5 seconds, and can accelerate up to a whopping 200 mph thanks to its 6.0 litre W12 engine.

Having said that, with an estimated fuel consumption of a mere 11 mpg in an urban environment, you’ll certainly have to have deep pockets to keep the Bentley running.

As well as this, when new, the 2013 Continental Flying Spur carried a $209,600 price tag, and that’s without optional extras such as remote-controlled rear-seat entertainment systems which were embedded in the front row headrests. What’s more, lambs wool rugs accompany the premium specification. In the Bentley, it feels as though no stone was left unturned in the quest for perfection.

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2) Maserati Quattroporte

Maserati Quattroporte

Translated from Italian, Quattroporte literally means ‘four doors’. An Italian car filled by a pure Italian heart, the Quattroporte is a saloon for those who have completely fallen in love with driving.

The 5th generation saloon contains the same engine as the coupe, spider and GranTurismo. Its saloon styling, of course means that the car is bigger and, naturally heavier and, as a direct result, the 0-60 mph time suffers slightly, with the Quattroporte taking just over 5.1 seconds.

In the Quattroporte, it feels as though every aspect of the engineering has been covered. For example, there are two versions of the Quattroporte, with different weight distributions in each depending on whether you prefer an automatic or a manual transmission.

Internally, the car is just as special, with a Bose media sound system dominating the futuristic looking interior. This, however, isn’t the only futuristic addition, and with chromated exhaust pipes, front and rear park sensors, aluminium racing pedals and a power sunroof, there’s something to suit your tastes.

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1) Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Despite the undoubted brilliance of the other four saloons, there really can only be one choice for the most extravagant saloon available right now, the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

First launched in 2003, the Phantom immediately started taking accolades, winning the Top Gear Car of the Year award in the very same year.

Amazingly, the Phantom was available in a choice of 44,000 paint colours, and each customer was able to specify their own leather cover. As well as this, instead of a tachometer, the Phantom simply had a power reserve dial that showed how much of the engine’s power wasn’t being used despite being available to the driver.

Unsurprisingly, as well as being engineered to perfection, this ‘coach’ as it is dubbed by Rolls-Royce had every aspect of interior styling covered, with umbrella compartments built into the rear doors. These are accessible when either the front or the rear doors are open.

As well as all of this, due to fears about the safety of the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament, Rolls-Royce in an automatic electronic retraction mechanism which would prevent theft. If the driver wishes, it can be retracted at the touch of a button. But, the car is also able to retract the hood ornament if it suspects theft, with a sensor underneath detecting any movement.

The ultimate in style, luxury and elegance, the Rolls-Royce is one of the greatest cars ever placed into production.

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