Ten games to play in the car this summer

The Summer might not be here just yet, but surely it’s not far off? You could just stick a DVD on, thrust Nintendo DSs into the hands of your little angels, but shouldn’t the car journey be the start of the holiday? Here are ten games guaranteed to provide a few few family-based belly laughs…



Games for Kids in Cars

Games for Kids in Cars


The Number Plate Game

Right. First of all find a car’s number plate. Easy enough. Then try and make a word using the letters. The longer the word, the more points you get. To make things a little more interesting, handicap the game. Mummy and Daddy only score points for words of more than six letters, for example.

Animal Crackers

While you’re driving along, anyone who spots an animal gets points for their legs. Let’s say you’re driving along the M1. A horse would earn you four points because it has four legs. You can also build in points for certain colours? Any white animal scores double, for example. Set a target, first one to 25 wins!

The Brain Game

Select an object from anywhere outside your car. Each person has to come up with a weird use for the object – Let’s say it’s a KFC Colonel Sander sign – it would make a great mask for a giant! If you’re travelling through the countryside, trees might be a brilliant climbing frame for a snake or a toothbrush for a man with a big mouth.


This is a game is designed to keep kids occupied at night. While driving along, anyone who spots a car with a light that doesn’t work has spotted a pirate with an eye patch! Players shout ‘ahoy there’ whenever they see a pirate. The first player to fill a ship with four thirsty landlubbers wins!

The Alphabet Game

Pretty straight forward this one. Take it in turns (or compete) to find the 26 letters of the alphabet in order. You can add extra points for particularly hard letters/stop players from using car number plates. Great fun.


This one needs a bit of prior preparation. Put together a mix tape of music the whole car might know. Play the first ten seconds of each track and see who can gets the name of the song and the artist. Adults should also have to name the year to get points. Record something like 20 tracks and then, when the competition’s over. Play the record in full for a right old sing song!

Story Glory

This is a time-honoured game which stretches your kids’ creativity and means there are no winners’ gloating/losers’ tears. The first person makes a sentence, probably best to start with once upon a time, and you go from there. It might be nice to see how my times you can go around the car? BTW – this nearly always ends in a superhero having a battle with a fairy, at least it does in my car.

Who Da Man?

Before you set off, put the names of 20 famous people in a bag and draw them out at random. Whenever you get a name, take it out and, without anyone else in the car looking, read the name. You do and impression and, if a fellow passenger gets it in 5 seconds, you get 5 points, 4 points for 10 seconds etc. Much laughter and arguing will ensue!

Yellow Bellies

Yellow Cars are not that common, so seeing one is worth shouting out at the top of your voice! These are the rules: you get one point for a yellow car plus a point each for every passenger. First one to ten.


You split the car down the middle. One adult and one child (if there’s four of you). You keep a count of all the cows on your side of the road. However, if there’s a cemetery on your side of the road you lose all your points! If there are lots of cows around, you could always say only the ones sat down that count.

Hope you enjoy the games!


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  1. Personally i like the supermarket lorry game! you all name a different supermarket like asda or tesco, the person who said the name of the the next supermarket lorry that drives past gets a point! good ideas tho thx!