Sunday best for car buyers

A six-month study by leading used car website (that’s us) could finally explain away Sunday’s glut of leisurely drivers.

Sunday best for car buyers

Sunday best for car buyers

The study has revealed that the most popular time to buy a car in Britain is between 11am and 12 noon on Sunday morning.

Almost 20% of car buyers recorded in the study chose a lazy Sunday morning to make a purchase from VCARS stock of 120,000 cars and over 2,000 dealers.

Those unable to make a Sunday purchase went back on Monday (14.8%), making it the second most popular day, with Saturday (14.5%) coming in third. Garages looking for a day off, or punters looking for a quick deal, would do well to choose Thursday when just over 10% of purchases were made.

VCARS Director Bob O’Connor commented: “As well as being a 24-hour online culture, Britain is now truly a seven-days-a-week economy. Hard-working Brits rarely have the time to visit garages during the week so what we’re finding is that, Monday to Friday, they collect all the relevant information from VCARS – comparing prices, makes and models across the country, finding a couple of suitable cars, downloading full vehicle spec and garage destination before physically making the trip on a Sunday.”

Drivers are clearly using their weekdays to collate an impressive amount of information. VCARS research also shows that, on average, surfers look at 22 cars before making their final purchase.


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