Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You

According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists, this is the excuse given by drivers who have caused a collision with another road user due to a lack of concentration.

The IAM’s latest poll found that, in the last six months, drivers failing to look before manoeuvre had contributed to 29 per cent of serious collisions and 36 per cent of slight accidents. Meanwhile, 58 per cent of drivers had been cut-up in the last six months by another road user who didn’t look properly

As a result, the IAM is urging drivers to improve their awareness of vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists and cyclists by using their mirrors before changing direction and giving cyclists space when overtaking (they might need to negotiate drains and potholes).

IAM also ask drivers to allow cyclists to pass in heavy traffic and give them clear and early signals so that they have time to react. Oh, and to check for bikes before opening the driver’s door.



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