Scared of getting car buying wrong?

Halloween is a time for scary stories and tall tales, but how do you avoid falling foul of your own horror story when buying a used car?

We’ve come up with a spooktacularly handy guide to help you sidestep any grave errors, saving you from the nightmare of a financial misadventure.

The devil is in the detail if you want to get yourself a monster deal, making your next car purchase more of a ‘treat’ than a ‘trick’.

Scream: How to spot scam artists and keep your cool

Sadly, it’s not unheard of for tricks like car clocking to occur, or cars that have been stolen or previously written off to still mysteriously find themselves up for sale near you. By downloading our used car checklist, you’ll be well on your way to guarding yourself from anyone looking to exploit you by secretly cutting corners.

There’s over a century of automotive experience within the checklist, so it’s well worth taking your time to give it a thorough read through before committing to buying a car.

Let The Right One In: Where to find approved used cars and valuation made easy

Using our approved dealers and vehicles will save you a visit to a potential house of horrors. You can even get in on the Halloween theme with a spookily named car. We’ve got them all: PhantomSpiderWraith and…Panda?

If you’re looking to sell before you buy – or just want to check how much you could be offered in terms of part-exchange – our car valuation tool will take care of that for you as well.

The Sixth Sense: Make sure your test drive isn’t taking you for a ride

You don’t want any nasty surprises or unexpected twists. Your test drive should leave you happy and reassured.

Make the most of our useful list of test drive tips to help you ask the right questions and check that what you’re getting is what’s advertised. For your general motoring needs, we’ve got plenty of advice available to help.

Misery: Car finance that won’t haunt your dreams, and reviews you can trust

So you think you’ve found the one, but is it affordable? What do current and previous owners think? Don’t worry, we know it can be overwhelming even after you’ve identified what you want.

Finance can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. With AA Car Finance, you can choose loans from 31 different lenders – and you won’t be taken by surprise with unexplained additional costs.

Our independent reviews cover just about any make or model, so there won’t be any nasty surprises when you get behind the wheel.

Not every horror film has a happy ending. But if you’ve followed our advice, hopefully we’ll have steered you away from any sticky situations.

– Do you have any scary tales of buying or selling a vehicle? We’d love to hear it! Get in touch with us through Facebook and Twitter and we’ll share the best replies.

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