Revealed: The World’s Most Popular Cars

All across the globe, our taste in cars is changing constantly due to the demands of everyday life. The needs of the average American family, for instance, are different to the needs of the average Japanese family and this has a huge impact on the cars that are popular in each country. Now more than ever, the car industry is truly global. But, now that the global market is changing, what are the most popular cars? Here we reveal all.

5) Chevrolet Cruze

image001Launched in China back in 2009, the Cruze is Chevrolet’s first car that can be considered to be truly global, and has been heralded as being responsible for increasing Chevrolet’s brand profile worldwide. Also known as the Daewoo Lacetti Premiere and the Holden Cruze, the Cruze was manufactured across the globe, with assembly plants in everywhere from Vietnam to Kazakhstan. Official figures suggest that global sales for the Cruze would exceed 729,000 units. Interestingly, many of these sales are from over in the East, showing us just how powerful this market is becoming.

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4) Hyundai Elantra 

image003Sold as the Avante in its native Korea, the Elantra is helping Hyundai become a globally recognised brand. On sale since 1990, the now sporty 5th generation of the Elantra has seen its popularity grow steadily, with forecasts predicting that sales during 2013 will be up by around 11% on 2012. This means that a staggering 866,000 will have been sold during 2013.

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3) Volkswagen Jetta 

image005At third in the list, we find a car that may be slightly more familiar for UK car buyers, the Volkswagen Jetta. Manufactured since 1979, it has been universally popular since its inception, and by April 2014, over 14 million had been made and sold worldwide. How’s that for lasting popularity?

Under its various guises (the Jetta is also known as the Vento or the Bora in some markets), a global sale of 905,869 units was predicted in 2013. Now in its 6th generation, it appears as though the Jetta is more popular than it ever has been before.

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2) Toyota Corolla

image007Until 2012, the Toyota Corolla held the title as the world’s most popular car. It’s easy to see why as well, as the sleek and stylish Corolla (especially after its 2014 refresh and upgrade) is quite a lovely little car to drive. Now in its 11th generation, the Corolla continues to be universally popular with huge power bases in America, Canada and Australia in particular.

Based on predictions, the Corolla was set to break the 1,000,000 unit sales barrier again in 2013, with a forecast of 1,001,141 units. This, however, still wasn’t enough to get it back to the top of the chart, and the car that replaced the Corolla at the top of the tree remains there…  

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1) Ford Focus


Top of the tree once again is the Ford Focus. Interestingly, in America, where we would consider it to have a stronghold, it is still outsold by some small cars, but worldwide it remains the number one seller.

In 2013, the figures suggest that close to 1.1 million units will be sold; a truly staggering figure. 

The Focus is the perfect example of Ford’s new global strategy, where they endeavour to market only a few examples of cars in large volumes across the globe. With sales figures this high, it looks like they are on the right lines. 

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Outside the top five, there were still some cars selling incredibly large volumes, and the best of the rest may feature some familiar names for you…

The Best of the Rest 


From the Ford Focus to the Chevrolet Cruze, some cars are selling in huge figures globally. So, what are your thoughts? Which cars surprised you by their omission, and which were you surprised to see make the cut.


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