Popular 4x4s to consider this winter

Car tires on winter road

With the winter weather setting in, it can make driving conditions a whole lot worse. Icy and wet roads, poor visibility, and freezing temperatures all combine to present extra hazards. Especially for those who live, work or regularly drive in the countryside, where roads are less likely to be gritted, it can be worth considering a suitable vehicle for such conditions. A 4×4 is ideal for winter weather and here we detail some of the best to drive in these difficult conditions. Dacia Duster SUV

If you’re after value, then the Dacia Duster SUV is the best small 4×4 you are likely to find. It comes with a brand new starting price of under £10,000, depending on the model and trim level, with used versions available for even cheaper. The low price tag doesn’t reflect a poor quality vehicle though, it is comfortable and easy to control, with a four-wheel drive the best choice for commandeering winter roads. An entry-level Access model provides the best value, while the Laureate trim includes many added extras. Range Rover Sport

Land Rover are synonymous with producing quality 4x4s and the Range Rover Sport is one of the finest all-rounders they offer. Merging luxury and practicality, it’s a great choice whether you’re an urban or rural driver. As a Land Rover manufactured vehicle it’s capable of dealing with any off-road or harsh weather conditions. A diesel option of the Range Rover Sport 4×4 is a great pick as its fuel economy is easily comparable to any petrol saloon within the same price range. Porsche Macan

With the style of the infamous 911 sports car but in a 4×4 model, the Porsche Macan is a luxury winter vehicle. Strong grip whatever the conditions but with a sporty, agile handling and performance, it is the best 4×4 for sale from the German manufacturers. Far from the cheapest winter vehicle, it still provides great value considering the quality engineering it features, modern technology and luxurious interior and exterior finish. When buying new there are many customisable options too, although you’ll get even better value purchasing a used model. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is arguably the best 4×4 for sale in the plug-in hybrid SUV market, as at the time of writing it is the only one. It accounts for 50% of sales in the UK’s

EV and PHEV sector, as one of the greenest 4x4s available to buy. It is exempt from road tax and claims an incredible 156.9 mpg, making it clean and cheap to run. The real-world fuel economy may not be as impressive as that, but it is still going to be a lot better than many others on the market, making this arguably the best small 4×4 for eco-conscious drivers. Honda CR-V

Possibly the best small 4×4 when it originally launched back in 1995, the Honda CR-V has seen a lot of competition emerge in the small SUV market since then. However, given a few updates it remains a highly practical vehicle. It comes fully kitted out, with wraparound headlights, a choice of 17, 18 and 19-inch alloy wheels, a simple dash and infotainment system and much more. A large boot makes it an excellent choice for families and while it may not be as stylish as some competitors, it claims a decent 64.2 mpg with the 1.6 i-DTEC model. Suzuki Grand Vitara

With the Suzuki Grand Vitara you get a great view of the road ahead thanks to its excellent driving position, making it easy to see above any snow drifts or other winter weather features. Available with a 1.6 or 2.4 litre petrol or 1.9 litre diesel engine, there’s plenty of choice to find the best model for your needs. Direct steering and a firm ride means it can handle icy roads and off-road terrain easily.

Decide which of these is the best 4×4 for your winter driving needs and check out what’s available here at AA Cars.

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