Pics of £800,000 Bugatti Veyron crash

Would you let your brother borrow your Bugatti Veyron ?

  • This Bugatti Veyron cost £830,000
  • Kumar Soni was on the waiting list for a year
  • Bugatti Veyron is the world’s most expensive production car
  • There are only 12 Bugatti Veyron cars in UK

Within a week of receiving the delivery of his car, Kumar’s brother crashed the car into a Vauxhall Astra.

John Morrison, who sold the car to Kumar, said: “He is in mourning. That car was his baby and he is grieving for it.”

What a shameful waste!!







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  1. tear it up, mommy will buy you another one.
    meanwhile i’m planning on keeping my ’02 mitsubishi until i die.

  2. what an idiot man… the car is made from purity and wisdom.. cant believe he trash it in that way.. really a screw dumbass

  3. well it was just a car!
    the guy had been saved is gr8 thing!
    Bugatti Veyron looks really sexy! too

  4. To Bill above.
    I own two Porsches…not quite supercars, but fast enough. I’ve news for you..after 1.7million miles, and 30 years of driving, I’ve learnt there’s a time and a place for fast driving. Sometimes common sense dictates you drive them like a fragile child….like when other people are around. You seem to condone balls (and brains) out the window at all times. Dumb. Seen too many fatal accidents as a result. As for the Veyron…don’t know which of the brothers is the bigger idiot. Although my brother once drove a Mini Marcos (which I’d only just finished rebuilding for him) straight into a pilke of flagstones….so I can (kinda) sympathise…. :-))

  5. steinmetzgugonoef on

    we can rebuild him. we have the technology. better than before. better stronger faster

  6. You all realize that this thing is a race car right? They are built with the imminent possibility of crashing in mind. The damage here looks worse than it is. This is mostly body damage. The panels will likely have been replaced. The starboard side looks like there MAY be some suspension damage but I doubt it. Even if the frame were tweaked, which I doubt, the factory (or specially skilled body shop) can set them true. This car is fine. Stop all your whining. If you have a super car and DONT drive it like you stole it, you’re WRONG. If you have ANY kind of fast car and drive it like it’s a fragile child, you are WRONG. *shrug*

  7. right GT, the only concern of the car owner is another year of waiting for the new one..
    For the rest, shit happens..

  8. If one can afford a Bugatti than money is not a concern. I’d be more concerned about the brother than the car. Bugatti can be replaced not the brother.
    Overall nice car just got racked.

  9. you people are so stupid!!!!!!!! its a fake aslocks!!!1 duh a 1 dollar car was smashed there not an 83000.000.000 car!!!!!!!!!!!!! arses!!!!

  10. Just because it was an 800k supercar, does it make the crash any worse? Yes i would be shocked to find my brand new veyron was totalled but thats no reason to think the man was a twat….Grow up…

  11. John Spriggs on

    I know it’s smashed up, and a shame, but come on.,get a life, it’s just a car.


  13. unbelievable….what a waste of a beautiful car. The crash pics dont look too bad actually, i doubt he suffered anything severe

  14. another tosser driving a supercar at excess speed like an idiot, theres a time and a place and possibly one of the finest built cars in te world is now one less! cheers!

  15. who wants to drive an accient damaged car? One week old veyron going cheap. Ligth damage plus body in the boot

  16. Hi Peter,

    No casualties were reported in this accident. We don’t know what happened afterwards.

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