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The range of executive cars available has expanded rapidly in the last decade or so, and not just in terms of the number of luxury cars being manufactured but in the quality of the vehicles on offer. They may cost more than a regular saloon, but for that professional look and feel with all the latest technological features and added style, an executive car can be worth it.

With so much choice it can be hard to decide on the best executive car. Some suit drivers with a love of style while others provide a more practical daily drive. At AA Cars, we have a range of quality used cars for sale, including many nearly new and second-hand executive cars. Here’s a selection of some of the most popular:

  1. Jaguar XF

Outside of the many German manufactured models that often dominate the market for executive cars, Jaguar is one that consistently produces quality vehicles. The Jaguar XF is great fun to drive and one of the best sport saloons around. This makes it ideal for those after a bit of a thrill when driving to work.

It boasts up to 70mpg with a 2.0 litre diesel engine, well-weighted steering that is quick and agile to make driving on country roads or cruising down a motorway an enjoyable experience. Plus, its striking looks and roomy interior ensure it looks and feels good to drive.

  1. Audi A4

For one of the most compact executive cars, the Audi A4 is a strong model all round. It offers some of the latest in-car technology, including a 12-inch virtual cockpit full of LCD dials and gauges to make driving comfortable, with the spacious and quality interior ensuring that passengers enjoy their premium surroundings.

Available with a range of different engine sizes, they all offer economical options, with even the 3.0 litre diesel providing decent mpg and CO² emissions. Behind the wheel it delivers a powerful and precise performance.

  1. BMW 5 Series

Another of the more compact executive cars available (and another German model), the BMW 5 Series has a wide range of options. There’s the GT hatchback which has a surprising amount of room inside and is also great for families, while the 520d SE saloon comes with premium features such as leather upholstery and sat nav as standard.

Each one delivers excellent handling, with sharp steering and powerful engines making it a highly responsive and involving drive. Whether you’re a regular country or urban road driver, any car from the BMW 5 Series range is great for both terrains.

  1. Mercedes E-Class

On the outside, the Mercedes E-Class retains the sleek and stylish looks of its siblings the S and C-Classes, but on the inside it provides a real step up. LCD displays, two 12-inch screens full of essential driving information and infotainment options and its incredible refinement make it worth that bit extra.

In terms of driving performance, the plush leather seats add extra comfort to its smooth ride and decent economy (claiming 72.4 mpg and 0-62 mph in under six seconds). Suspension and handling are top notch to help ensure this, with a range of diesel engines providing the best choice.

  1. Tesla Model S

Also falling outside the bracket of German executive cars, the Tesla Model S is one of the finest all-electric luxury cars on the market right now. Zero emissions, zero road tax but full-on style and quality, the vehicle is easily comparable with other executive cars yet is far more eco-friendly.

Depending on the model, most boast a range of around 300 miles on one charge, and include all sorts of technological features such as a 17-inch touchscreen and the ability to automatically start when the person in the driver’s seat has the key in their pocket. It also looks smart and refined, capable of doing 0-62mph in just 4.4 seconds, making it competitive against all non-electric models too.

Decide which of these executive cars have the features and style that suits you if you’re in need of a new professional vehicle.

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