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Whether you’re organising a special birthday, a stag party or any other celebration event for a car fanatic, it doesn’t have to just involve go-karts and bar crawls. There are many different activities and trips you can take to create a fun-filled event to remember, with vehicles at the heart of it.

There are lots of options for auto fans, whatever the size of your party. We’ve put together a list of the best ideas for car fans looking for a memorable experience whether in the UK or abroad.

 Rally Driving

Rally Driving

Strap yourself in for a bumpy ride, as those who love tearing it up off road will enjoy a rally driving experience. There are tracks up and down the country, and it doesn’t even matter what the weather’s like; in some cases the muddier the better! Get to grips with the car and complete a few practice laps before each setting your own lap time to determine who the rally champion is. All participants must have a valid driving licence to take part.

You may find yourself enjoying the experience so much that you wish to replicate such a fun drive more often in your life. Enjoy an everyday rally driving experience with a Subaru Impreza, one of the best rally cars for the road yet with a professional edge that makes it appropriate for driving to work too.

 F1 Simulator

F1 Simulator

Ever fancied stepping into Lewis Hamilton’s shoes? Screeching through Monaco in a Ferrari F1 car? Well, the closest you’re likely to get is with an F1 simulator. Cheaper (and more realistic) than flying out to one of the many famous Formula One circuits, hiring a car and being allowed to drive it at 200mph, they offer a highly realistic experience, unaffected by the weather. Plus, those without a driving licence can take part too.

Supercar Experience

Supercar Experience

To actually get behind the wheel of a powerful motor, then one of the many supercar experiences available could be perfect. Many allow you all to drive a range of different vehicles in a full day, from the likes of a BMW M3 GTP to a Land Rover Defender. This is probably one of the only chances you’ll get to drive such high-spec cars at speeds not allowed on general roads.

Extreme Dodgems

Extreme Dodgems

Remember dodgems from your younger years? Well, now you can participate in the grown-up, extreme version. Racing around a circuit in 1300cc stock cars against seven other drivers, with the aim of beating them and giving each one the odd nudge, it provides mountains of fun. Essentially a larger version of go karting, it appeals to the more adventurous car fans, with everyone receiving coaching from professional stock car drivers before practice rounds and the real competition.

Stunt Driving

Stunt driving

If you’re less bothered about racing and competition, then taking part in a number of stunt drives may be more geared towards your group. From driving on two wheels to the double decker chaos (one car on top of another, the top one steering and the bottom handling the footwork) it provides a full day of immense fun. Anyone who’s ever fancied themselves as the next Evil Knievel will love this as their special day.

 Track Days

Track days

Formula One fans may prefer to just enjoy some weekend drives around their favourite race circuit(s). You could organise a trip abroad to drive around Nurburgring, or stay in the UK and all pile down to Silverstone and complete a few laps. Track days offer the chance to get out on the circuit, or depending on the time of year it could be arranged to coincide with a Formula One race.

Some tracks even allow you to complete a few laps in your own car. So, whether you already own a sporty motor you’d like to try on a professional circuit, or are intending to buy an Audi R8, Porsche Cayman or other such vehicle in the near future, this could be a great opportunity to try it out in a proper racing environment.

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