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It’s always fun specifying a car exactly how you want it. There are so many options to look through to make the model unique.

But it also helps to think ahead and consider which options will help improve its value when you eventually sell your vehicle. It’s all too easy to the price by choosing the wrong options, so make sure you pick carefully when speccing a new car.

Air conditioning

Keeping you cool in summer and warm in the winter, air conditioning is a must-have. With air conditioning or climate control, you’ll be able to get comfortable whatever the weather.

Most drivers will see this feature as an essential. It’s more common as a standard feature these days, but check you can add it to your vehicle if not.

Metallic paint

Choosing a more premium paint option for your car can help attract customers. Metallic stands out from many of the flatter colours that drivers choose and, although it can bepricey, it can help boost the value.

Avoid choosing a loud or obscure colour though, as it might not be to other people’s liking.

You should keep your new car in a good condition, and with the help of our Automyze service, you can keep on top of servicing intervals and any work needed on your vehicle. 

Satellite Navigation

Not everyone has a smartphone to help with navigation. Sat-nav technology is much cheaper than it used to be, which makes it more affordable to add to your vehicle. And by getting it fitted, you’ll open the car up to a wider market and help retain its value.

Leather seats

A premium interior can significantly lift the car’s value. Leather upholstery is seen as more comfortable and durable, and it can be easier to clean too. It also doesn’t harbour as much dust as fabric options either.

Combining leather seats with a heated function can also help hold the value. This feature gives drivers an extra element of comfort in the winter.

Make sure your new car is insured, with our service coming with perks such as breakdown cover from £15 a year and a courtesy car if yours is written off or stolen.

Parking sensors

Not all cars come with cameras, and rear vision may not always be good. Parking sensors let you know if there are any objects behind you, to make sure you don’t hit anything.

They can help protect your vehicle from damage and are a useful tool for you and any drivers that own the car afterwards.

Cruise control

Many drivers want to make long-distance driving easier – and that’s where cruise control can help. It lets drivers can set a chosen speed before taking their foot off the accelerator and letting the car continue.

If it comes as an option, adaptive cruise control can be even more helpful. This detects if a vehicle is slower in front and decrease your car’s speed to match. It can then speed your car up when appropriate.


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