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The Mayor of London has announced plans to massively increase the amount of electric charging points available around the capital.

London is already creating 400 rapid charging points and 4,700 conventional chargers, but Sadiq Khan is aiming to have up to 4,100 rapid points and 47,500 points by 2025 – with predictions stating there will be as many as 330,000 electric vehicles in London by that point.

The plan suggests that at least 2,300 rapid chargers will be installed in the next 6 years, while 33,700 normal chargers will be fitted around the city.

This builds on Khan’s ambition to clean up the total emissions produced by vehicles on the roads of London, after the Ultra-Low Emission Zone was introduced earlier this year, and his increased focus on cycle highways.

At the launch of this proposal, Khan said: “London’s air is so dirty and polluted that it amounts to nothing less than a serious public health crisis. It breaches legal limits and blights the lives of Londoners, resulting in thousands of premature deaths every year.

“I want London to lead the world in this ambition, with all new cars and vans on London roads meeting these standards by 2030, not 2040 as the government is proposing.

“To make this vision a reality, we must make sure all Londoners have access to the essential infrastructure required to run and maintain an electric vehicle. This is a massive operation, and can only be achieved if the public and private sector come together to deliver London’s electric future.”

The plan includes 5 flagship charging hubs, which will be introduced so multiple cars can be charged in the same place. One of those sites will be installed in the next 12 months in the Square Mile, the area containing London’s central business district.

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