How Not To Check A Used Car


Engine Check

With our handy Used Car Checklist you can be sure you’re giving the car a thorough inspection. But for all those that haven’t downloaded this yet we wanted to strip away the myths surrounding used cars and teach how not to inspect them with these handy tips:

Kicking tyres
For some people, the ‘tyred-and-tested’ way to check the rubber on a wheel is to kick it. If we were back in the early 20th Century, unroadworthy tyres could crack with a well-placed kick. But in modern times, there’s simply no need. So to avoid a bruised toe (and a stifled snigger from the salesman), it is best to simply check tread levels and look out for uneven wear.

Slamming on the brakes is not the most efficient way of testing their stopping power. It’s better to test them in all situations during a test drive, ensuring that they remain firm and noise- and fade-free over a 30-minute period, using them both softly and firmly.

Clueless checker
You see them on every forecourt; the potential buyer who pops the bonnet and then stands staring at the engine bay blankly. Yes, the engine is there (a good start for sure) but what else? Nope, they haven’t a clue. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, get a vehicle inspection

Rain, Man
Some believe the best time to snare a bargain is when the forecourt is empty and the salesman is itching for a sale. And nothing clears a forecourt like rain. But while the wet stuff might keep buyers at home, it also does an admirable job of masking bodywork issues which could cost you dearly later on.

You’re The One That I Want!
It’s all too easy to get ‘car lust’; that moment when you decide the auto you’re looking at is ‘The One’. But what if there are nagging issues about the car’s build? Or if the dealer won’t give you the discount you need?

‘Car lust’ can cloud vision and rationality, leading to depression later and a roasting from your better half once the repair bills start rolling in. So walk away and save your money so you can make a better deal another day.


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