England Basketball and VCARS.co.uk Announce Partnership

VCARS EBL PartnershipEngland Basketball and VCARS.co.uk have today announced a one-year naming rights partnership that will see the England Basketball League become known as the VCARS.co.uk Basketball League for the 2012-13 season.

Under the new contract with England Basketball, VCARS.co.uk will adopt naming rights for England Basketball’s seven men’s divisions and four women’s divisions.

The new divisions will be entitled:

  • VCARS.co.uk Division One Men
  • VCARS.co.uk Division Two Men
  • VCARS.co.uk Division Three North
  • VCARS.co.uk Division Three South
  • VCARS.co.uk Division Four North
  • VCARS.co.uk Division Four Midlands SE
  • VCARS.co.uk Division Four Midlands SW
  • VCARS.co.uk Division One Women
  • VCARS.co.uk Division Two Women North
  • VCARS.co.uk Division Two Women Midlands SE
  • VCARS.co.uk Division Two Women Midlands SW

After signing the one-year partnership, Keith Mair, Chief Executive of England Basketball, enthused:

It speaks volumes that VCARS.co.uk has identified England Basketball and its eleven Senior National (EBL) Basketball Leagues to communicate its brand and company values. VCARS.co.uk has made a welcome investment and commitment and we look forward to working with them to build and support the basketball community and in return to help promote the VCARS.co.uk business and brand.”

On the new agreement, VCARS.co.uk Director Robert O’Connor added:

After an incredible summer of sport, a lot has been said about how goodwill was going to be converted into participation. With that in mind, it gives us a great deal of pleasure to be able to invest in England Basketball.

Through our sponsorship strategy, VCARS.co.uk is committed to investing in sporting participation and what better organisation than England Basketball? England Basketball’s Leagues stretch from Newcastle to Southampton and from Bristol to Canterbury, positively impacting the lives of men and women of all ages, sizes, abilities and ethnicities. We are proud to be part of helping England Basketball thrive.”

To launch the agreement, a new logo has been designed by VCARS’ Communication Agency, Jack PR. Director Paul Reaney explained:

The new VCARS.co.uk Basketball League logo has been heavily informed by the shape of the basketball key. As this is where all the action happens, we thought what better visual prompt? We wanted the new logo to be striking, simple and immediately obvious what it was about while working equally well online and as part of a League uniform.”

The new basketball partnership will enable VCARS.co.uk to strengthen its presence in England due to prominent branding throughout the League, with a strong focus online. The Hertfordshire-based organisation already support and invest in the career of Ginetta GT SuperCup driver Tom Sharp and triathlon organisation RGActive.


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