Considering a rag top?

It appears that now is time to consider buying a convertible car according to EurotaxGlass as convertible car sales figures have slumped for the second year running.

With last years low sales figures, this year supply has been vastly oversubscribed leaving both new and used car values low.

This years cool British summer, coupled with a reluctance from the British public to purchase items considered ‘luxury’, means drop-tops have never been so appealing for anyone considering one.

The maker of one of the most popular cars on the market – Maxda – has cited a 19% reduction in new sales from Europe for it’s MX-5. Other manufacturers are having mixed fortuned in this class with the hard/soft top ‘coupe-cabriolet’ growing ever more popular and increasing competition over the past 4/5 years.

There are many reports online of specific examples of rag-tops being let go for anything up to £1500 below book value and £3500 behind forecourt value. It seems now is the time to invest if it’s something you’ve dreamed as dealers can’t wait to shift them.


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