Coming Soon! Ten cars for 2013

Nissan NOTE Launched, a New Global Hatchback

Nissan Note (MPV) £12,000
It’s going to be produced in Sunderland but there are more reasons to go for Nissan’s cost-effective MPV than simple patriotism. The 2013 will be more modern and stylish than its stoical predecessors. There’s the car’s Noteworthy (geddit) storage and plenty room for five grown-ups. A supercharged engine is expected to be added to the range the long-term but expect to see Nissan’s new MPV toward the year’s end.

Renault Clio SUV £13,000
Going up against Nissan’s Juke and Skoda’s Yeti, the new Clio SUV might not even be called Clio, with Captur (a former name for a 2011 concept car) being mooted. The new Clio/Captur will be a little more muscular than Renault’s popular run-around. Expect to see a 0.9-litre turbo, 1.2 petrol and 1.5 diesel engine in this year’s offering.

Suzuki SX4 SUV £13,500
This 2013 newcomer took a bow at last year’s 2012 Paris Motor Show under the guise of the S-Cross Concept. The S-Cross was part SUV/part small family car, and this will be much of the same. The Europe-built 2 and 4WD motors will feature petrol and diesel engines.

Ford Ecosport
Ford Ecosport (SUV) £14,000
Debuting at the 2012 Delhi Motor Show, Ford’s SUV was never meant for Europe. Luckily, a change of hearts and minds means the Ecosport, based on Ford’s Fiesta, is set to join Europe’s SUV bun-fight in 2013. Housing a three cylinder one litre petrol/four-cylinder 1.5 diesel, and front-wheel drive only, the interior is a little downmarket from the current Fiesta but that is unlikely to put Ford advocates off.

Nissan Qashqai £16,500
The highly popular Qashqai is expected to get a makeover rather than a massive redesign for 2013… if it isn’t broken and all that. The company’s Hi-Cross Concept will inform any aesthetic changes. Front and four wheel drive and a 1.6l petrol engine will be on offer.

Mercedes E-Class £30,000
Mercedes are bringing their E-Class up to date and readying the market for a re-designed S-Class later in 2013 and C-Class in 2014. The front will get a single-lens unit, bumpers, bonnet and grille. The eye-catching wheelarches have gone while a new four cylinder petrol engine will join the range.

Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan £35,000
A mini Cayenne, this small SUV announces Porsche’s official entry into a most competitive sector. Using a similar engine to the Audi Q5 at launch, a diesel and hybrid could join the party later in the year.

BMW X5 £42,000
The 2013 X5 will house a new four-cylinder diesel, indeed most of the other changes are out of sight.
There’s a new 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel and a high-performance petrol and diesel M Performance model added to the range though 4WD continues.

Range Rover Sport £50,000
A lighter, re-designed Range Rover will be launched this year. Using aluminium construction, as much as 400kg could be saved and CO2 emissions reduced to under 200g/km. Also expect to see a 4.4-l V8 turbodiesel and a 5.0 supercharged petrol V8.

Maserati Quattroporte £75,000
The Italian company will launch two new saloons in 2013, the first is a bigger, better Quattroporte. V6 or V8 petrol and, for the first time four wheel drive, new Quattroporte will be joined by the weirdly named Ghibli later in the year – a £55,000 smaller, diesel-powered saloon.


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  2. Some exciting cars coming out this year, look forward to see which one’s become popular and what people will have to say about them when driving them on a daily basis!